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HHN 28: Killer Klownz from Outer Space

Lucky Planet

Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2013
Allow me to say, Klowns reminds me of the IOA HHN scarezone of Freaks & Foon's. It's seemingly not supposed to be scary, but I don't think this is also the "obligitory selfie zone" either. It's a zone to just have fun with, but not to be scared of. That said, I really hope this get's the TrT reception, garnering interest enough for a house, as there is material to do something fun with it.

That's just..my end of the shtick.
How big was Freaks & Foons?

But yeah most people seem to have fun with the clowns.

AHS Cult would’ve been a pretty fun scarezone and would fit well in the park, sucks about the Fox Disney merger.

This zone is a pretty big hit. Seen a lot of posts about this zone and Vamp online and both zones seem to just make people smile as soon as they see them
It is weird because the many times ive passed by the zone seens kinda empty. It only has a couple of people around it.
It was just once, i must have passed by the zone 14 times in 2 days and it always looked kinda lonely