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HHN 28: Slaughter Sinema


Jun 16, 2017
Haines City, FL
Swamp Yeti gets me everytime man, it’s insane.

The last run through I had was last night around 1am. My group was the only one in the house so we were getting every actor up to the first Swamp Yeti.

This dude jumped out and refused to go back into his hole, he kept screaming in my face and slammed his hands on the ground like an ape. I’ve never run out of a house like that in my life, and all that over slaughter sinema lmao.

HHN Maddux

Apr 4, 2020
Two things.

1) Been going since 2015, this is still easily in my top 5 houses of all time. Such a great and fun house.

2) Two years later, my mind is still boggled on if this was supposed to be a sorta origin story for All Nite Die-In. Carey Drive-In becomes an old decrepit theater, bloody carnage during the Slaughter Sinema marathon which leads to the shutdown and the beginning of the All Nite Die-In.