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HHN 29: Graveyard Games

To be fair if you want mystery you could always just avoid the speculation threads lol
Well I have this dumb thing I need to stop doing but still do. Basically if I see something intriguing , I get immediately pulled into it, no matter if I like or not. It’s a weird thing I do but when I saw Geek Notice’s thumbnail I didn’t want to learn more about the map but my eyes still examined what every house was and I still watched the video. I know it sounds weird and I personally agree but it’s just a weird thing I do for some reason.
I have never been able to go through Winter's Night or Dead End in person. WN looked absolutely GORGEOUS from the footage I was able to see. If it's anything that scenicly pleasing, I'm sure it will be amazing.

Winter's Night was indeed stunning, and had some of the most ingenious effects/scares I'm sad haven't been replicated elsewhere. (I'm specifically referring to the zombie crawl and the distant cemetery.) Outside a handful of moments, though, its scares were on the breezier side, and it never quite made good on its eerie premise (scorned bride haunts a graveyard in search of husband, so on, so forth). Still, one of the most beautiful and cohesive (visually) mazes they've ever executed.

Dead End had a sort of nebulous (by design) story that was hard to wrap your head around, but it was one of the single scariest and inventive "haunted house" mazes ever - everything Legendary Truth Wyandot wishes it was. The nursery... attic... conservatory... death photography... inverted bedroom scare... god, it was just spectacular. It's right there with Dracula: Legacy of Blood & Dead Exposure as the gnarliest, scariest mazes they've ever managed.
Peppers Ghost effect of Mary Shaw still haunts me lol, Winter and Dead were both awesome houses, two see both ideas being meshed together and seeing the result with this house, it should be really cool what they bring to the table with it.
In a way this kind of reminds me of the new Scary Stories movie; moreso due to the teenagers breaking into something and messing with it type of thing. Of all of the original houses, this is the one I have the easiest time picturing how it’ll look.
I agree, after watching the movie yesterday I had that same thought which makes more interested in seeing how they pull off this house.
This house benefits from being pretty long, but I was disappointed with the lack of open air graveyard scenes. It all seemed to take place in one massive mausoleum
The FB messenger chat is pretty neat, I’d recommend playing around with it if you have an account. I’m extremely excited to go through the house to see what’s noticeable from the chat.
Beautiful sets, good cast, but last night was missing that "X factor" to make it an all-timer. This one falls in the middle for me so far, but thinking it may end up moving up or down.
This house is getting plagued with the “Insidious” effect of having bad pacing issues where the conga line moves extremely slowly throughout the whole house, which is probably because of “that” scene near the end where people refuse to move forward. I’ve been through it 7 times so far and 4 of which had multiple complete stops in the line, so hopefully they’ll modify that scene before next week because it’s a phenomenal house (I got a run through at he end of the night by myself and it was incredible).