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HHN 29: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

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I think they'll do their very best with this house, I'm not gonna think negative of the space, I think they will give us a lot of insight with this house, they promised the Klowns and Klownzilla, this house might have the same vibe as what Asylum In Wonderland had minus the 3D aspect.
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Also The Chiodo Brothers are definitely gonna make sure the house is exactly how they want it to be too because this movie is their child, they were at the event last year and saw their Scarezone with Mike and it was an awesome sight lol, I hope they come out again this year to see this house and California's.
I feel like Saw made pretty good use of the space despite not being all that scary. Hopefully they can really push the space to its limits. I feel like it makes some sense to be where it is A) one of the lesser known properties so traffic won’t be horrendous but will likely be seen by casuals who have never seen it. The theater rooms are super tall so some of the sets and effects could read better visually than in a tent.

I feel like they could play this more like a trippy fun house with a couple big icon scenes and that way they could achieve a solid length from it. However it works out I’m really really excited about this. I haven’t been through a genuine “clown” haunted house in ages!
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According to twitter right now more info is had been released about Hollywood's house, so far this was said:

"The circus has come to town! At least that’s what the unsuspecting citizens of Crescent Cove think when they discover a mysterious big top has been erected in the middle of an empty forest on the outskirts of town..."

"...But it doesn’t take long for the residents of this sleepy California suburb to discover the true nature of the Big Top and the nefarious deeds taking place inside it! The circus big top is actually an alien spaceship housing an army of Killer Klowns from Outer Space!"

"Welcome to Killer Klowns from Outer Space, a new maze inspired by the 1988 film that became a cult classic! You’ll venture inside the Killer Klowns’ Space Ship & discover the “Refrigerator Room” where the Klowns are storing their human prey inside Cotton Candy Cocoons!"

"Next you’ll venture into the community of Crescent Cove, and discover the Killer Klowns nefarious plot to abduct the locals...and dismantle their law enforcement apparatus!"

"Finally you'll wind up at a closed Amusement Park, the perfect place for the Killer Klowns to hide the nerve center of their operation! Featuring a classic retro 80’s feel, Killer Klowns from Outer Space will have you screaming, and laughing, to death!"

I wonder if we will have certain same scenes or different takes of em, what do you guys think?
This is a dream house. I am absurdly excited for this. Hoping it is one of the houses included in the Unmasking the Horrors tour.

It should probably be in the tour but I do hope they let us get to take pictures of all of the rooms and not limit us to just one or two you know
That's what I feel like they will have added in the house when we go into the funhouse scene, it will be like Carnival last year but instead of water, I hope the horn noise and the smoke XD
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I think the house will definitely use the reimagined score that they used in the zone last year, I mean the new version of the song instrumentals are really perfect, but I do hope The Dickies song pops on at the exit of the house for the final scare.
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