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HHN 29: Mobile App & Play


May 22, 2015
Tampa Bay area
This thread will be to discuss the mobile app including achievements. The twitter account (@HorrorNightsOrl) will occasionally tweet Universal Play passwords for bonuses and unlockable achievements; feel free to post any tweets on this thread. The HHN website mentions that if you see any Universal Play QR codes you can scan it to unlock points, bonuses, achievements, and surprises; feel free to discuss where these are located. You can also use this thread to share what achievements you earn.
On the Mobile App, to the left, with the three bars, click on it, and you will see Universal Play, click on Play NOW! and you will see the list of Houses/Attractions, click on it, and scroll till you see the Mobile Game option under Universal Play. They have put the QR Codes out in front of the houses.
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Terrible experience for my group and I for the first night. Points weren’t adding up. QR codes for some houses did not have light shining on them so the camera could not read it.

ALSO, scrolling though some achievements is a nightmare since they mix options for both coasts.

AND FINALLY, getting to the actual game is so tiresome. I shouldn’t need to tap into 5 different things to finally get to it.

*huffs and puffs*
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What’s the incentive to play this game? And, now that I think of it, what is the game? Scan QR codes throughout the event?
So...How’s everyone doing with the game? I’m currently at a measly 7,325 points.

I was super gung-ho about the game when the event began; I was determined to get all the badges! (Lol) Yeahhhhh...not so much anymore. Due to the locations/lighting of some of the QR codes and the number of times I visit, I’m definitely playing just for entertainment while in queues now. Which, to be fair, is probably the main reason behind the creation of the game.

I noticed a new badge appear under Marketing. I’m assuming that’s revolving around the random Stranger Things game in the T2:3D store.

I also couldn’t find the Spooky Shopper QR code in the Tribute Store after walking really slowly thought it last night. I’ll be back tonight so I’ll be sure to tear apart the store brick-by-brick until I find it. Lol.