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HHN 30: Most Anticipated House

Most Anticipated House?

  • Haunting of Hill House

  • Beetlejuice

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives

  • Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured

  • Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland

  • Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth

  • The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin

  • Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience

  • Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

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Mar 31, 2020
Just wanted to say that I'm excited for all of these. None of these are "not" anticipated. Although I may not know some of the IP's as much, I'm excited to be surprised.

1. Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience: It was between this and Wicked Growth. It's literally neck and neck. Just chose this one because I love theatre, and that facade is beyond anything I could have imagined. I'm ready to geek out and get absolutely terrified.

2. The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin: Again, almost exactly as hyped for this at Puppet Theatre. Originals never seem to hold back, and especially with this pumpkin theme that I just want to dive right into, I'm so ready for it.

3. Beetlejuice (even though I’ve done it): Tim Burton is absolutely a genius, and this just screams fun and whimsey. Did it in 2020, and it was stellar. Would like to see more scareactors, but apart from that, I'm so hyped for it. I think back to last year and ask myself if this would be the top spot on my most anticipated. Honestly, it would have been a lot harder to pick between these top 3. Now I can say this is a solid 3rd on my list merely because I've already done it.

4. Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured: I'm a newbie with icons, and now after researching and studying them, I gotta say I cannot wait to see them in person.

5/6 (no particular order). Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth/sCarey: Horror in the Heartland: Again, a newbie with all the lore and haven't researched this as much as Icons, but they are both Originals and for me that's a complete win and I am hoping that these are absolute bangers, and I'm sure they will.

7. Haunting of Hill House: I haven't watched much of it as I should have because I've been bored of it, however, I am definitely giving it another shot. Based on the pictures, descriptions, and small Twitter posts I read, I have no doubt will think it’s going to be in the top half of best houses. Then again, I think it will be hard to rank these houses because they're all so strong.

8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Only because I haven't watched it and doesn't completely interest me. I'm hoping it surprises me.

9/10. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy/The Bride of Frankenstein Lives: Only because I did both 15 times each. However, I am SUPER hyped to see the new additions as rumored. None of these are bad, but I'm anticipated for others because I haven't done them. This means these will probably be the last of my ten houses I do when I go through all of them the first time. Then again, I might want to end with a banger. Eh, it doesn't matter...I'm going to try to get through all of the houses at least 2 or 3 times each anyways.


Contributing Member
Apr 2, 2020
Orlando, FL
Woop woop! Here's my list to the zero people that care! Least anticipated to most anticipated. Although I can say I don't think there's a single house I'm NOT excited for, just some less than others. This list is gonna be so hard to make since this year's lineup is just SOOOOO damn solid.

10. TCM - Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my favorite horror movie if not my favorite film of all time. I don't doubt that this house will be good, at all, it's just that 26's house is so fresh in my mind still that I can't bring myself to care that much. My main fear with this house is that they won't amply use the new space they're being afforded, there are some open scenes in TCM that are terrifying, and I'm just worried that they won't get as much love that they deserve. Although to be honest if we have the sliding door and a bigger window jump scene I'll be satisfied with the house.

9. BJ - When this was first put on the Spec map in 2020 this was one of my most anticipated houses ever. But, the HHN lite house was just really, really underwhelming. I hope there are way more actors in it this time around, but even that doesn't take away how underwhelming some of the sets/moments were for me. (I'm looking at that circus Beetlejuice scene... Yikes that moment is so awkward in the house...) Only reason this has the edge over TCM is that I'll probably have more fun in it because of the soundtrack/barker.

8. Puppet Theatre - More than excited to see those gorgeous sets and each of the specific puppets in action, and the way we've heard that the space in the tent is played with has me super intrigued. For some reason it really doesn't grasp me as much as the other originals do this year, but I'm fulling expecting this to end up being a sleeper hit for me.

7. Icons - I know that honestly this should be way, way higher than it is. The biggest reason it's so low is that I'm not very interested in it being the sort of mashup of all their commercials we've heard it being. I'm SO excited to finally see Lady Luck get a spot in a house and to see Usher again. Biggest issue with this for me is that I feel as though Jack, Chance, and some of the other icons work way, way better as stage characters than when they're relegated to booholes (as someone else here stated). Another thing is I wish they leaned into the Icons vs. Icons aspect more than they're describing they are, as the little "Which icon reigns supreme" bit seems sorta gimmicky right now. Would love to be proved wrong at the event though!

6.Tooth Fairy - Only reason I'm not more hyped for this house than I should be is because I've seen it already. I'm hoping it's a lot more full and active than it was, and that the plexi is better implemented this time (there were moments where it looked like the Tooth Fairies were in test tubes like they were science experiments or something). But I'm SO excited to see that GORGEOUS facade and set design again.

5. SCarey - I'm not typically a fan of compilation houses unless they're really well done, but the twisted Americana aesthetic is one of my favorites. This is one that I feel like has the highest chance to move a LOT for me based on how the house is played. I hope it leans more into the nuclear family parody vibe that they have going with the facade and house name. I feel like if they play this house too straight it's just gonna end up weird and discombobulated.

4. Brides - Didn't get to see this one at HHN Lite, but from the small things I saw this house looks GORGEOUS and super intense, Bride of Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies ever so seeing something sort of based on it is so exciting. Always love me some classic monsters.

3. LT - Nobody is going to have any clue what I'm talking about, but from the concept art and story blurb this house reminds me sooooo so much of this old computer game called 'Alone In The Dark'. I love the concept of this being a simple paranormal investigator getting into a huge intertwining eldritch plot. If that tentacle shadow in the house art is just there for flavor and this is just another standard ghost house, this house is gonna drop wayyyy way low. But for now, a neo-noir paranormal house sounds incredible.

2. HoHH - Honestly, I don't even care for the show that much. It's neat but didn't really draw me in as much as it did others. HOWEVER... That facade and set photos, the blurb in the blog post about how this house is going to be an atmospheric slow burn that gradually increases in intensity, the gothic energy, all things that I absolutely adore and have been wanting to really see in a house for a while.

1. Wicked Growth - Oh how upset I'll be if this house is a let down. A house that encapsulates classic whimsical Halloween energy at its finest. Hanging jack o'lanterns, ghouls, goblins, witches, this is singlehandedly what's making me the most hyped I've been for the event in a while. High potential to be one of the most gorgeous houses at the event, and I'm extra excited for it to smell like pumpkins. Could not be more stoked!
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Aug 1, 2021
10: Tooth Fairy
I’m sure this house will still be great, but the premise just seems a little flimsy and not as fresh as expected from HHN.

9: Puppet Theatre
Similar issues to Tooth Fairy, but I’m excited to see the scareactor designs after that behind the scenes video.

8: TCM
I’ve never seen any of the movies and I’m not sure it was essential this house be in a soundstage. I’m really hoping the chainsaws are real

7: Icons Captured
If this house has a story as compared to being a bunch of rooms strung together, I feel it’ll be a lot better than I expect, but right now, nothing speaks to me a lot with this house. Seeing the icons for my first time should be great though

6: HoHH
I haven’t seen the show yet, but I get the vibe that this house will be a very unique experience and hopefully provide some nice variety and dynamics. The sets sound gorgeous too

5: Beetlejuice
One of my favorite horror/Halloween movies ever, I’m just pumped to see the sets and get to experience the world of such a creative and imaginative movie.

4: sCarey
Many of the past houses I wish I could’ve experienced are set in Carey and will hopefully be featured here. Even if they’re not, Carey is such a large part of the lore and history that I’m excited to experience it anyways, just like Icons.

3: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives
I can’t explain what gets me so excited for this house. The premise + the trailer are so cool and I’m so excited to experience a UCM house.

2: Wicked Growth
I’m a sucker for classic Halloween vibes, and Universal seems to always nail them perfectly. Hopefully this house goes well so we’ll see the Pumpkin Lord return in the future

1: LT
There’s so much going for this house. I’m probably getting myself way too excited, but everything sounds perfect to me. Seeing LT and Boris, the seemingly noir type setting, and potentially Lovecraftian creatures?? Sign me up. A lot like Wicked Growth, I hope this house will be successful and set up the return of LT or Boris (or both) in the future.


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Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
1. Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin is my most-anticipated right now. I dig the original stuff and I love the vintage Halloween aesthetic, which is why this barely won out for me as the most anticipated house. The facade looks awesome so I have no doubt the house house itself will be stellar. Plus it's a tent, which means it will be more compact and make it more claustrophobic, enhancing the scares.

2. HHN Icons: Captured: This barely got bumped to 2nd place for me.It'll be awesome to finally see a mash-up house of all the icons. I look forward to finally seeing the Usher in house form.

3. Haunting of Hill House: While it's not the greatest show ever, I did enjoy it. It at least has some fantastic environments and scenic and some legit creepy characters to work with. And it has a pretty B.A. facade as well!

4. Case Files: Unearthed - Legendary Truth: I had the privilege of getting to check out the OG Legendary Truth house in 2010 and it was insane! I still remember the effect where the ghost would be on his back on a roller on the glass floor below you and follow you as you walked. I would be thrilled if they brought that effect back in this rendition. Anything Legendary Truth is going to be legit so this will be awesome.

5. Puppet Theater: Captive Audience sounds like a solid concept. Vaudeville sounds like another cool theme for A&D to tackle. I find mannequins pretty terrifying so this should get some great scares out of me for this one. While it doesn't sound as "cool" as the other ones I have no doubt the scenic and scares will still be solid.

6. Welcome to SCarey: From what I understand,this is going to be a mash-up of different houses that were set in Carey, OH. It'l be cool to experience a taste of some houses I never got to go through, but it will still be familiar to me since I have no doubt watched a few videos of such houses in the past. Still look forward to this.

7. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy: I held off on watching the POVs from last year, but the few clips I saw looked good. I just can't help but think this is a knock-off from KSF. Being that I've gone through that house many times, this one is a little lower for me.

8. Bride of Frankenstein Lives!: Again, held off on POVs, but saw a couple of clips/pics with some really good scenic! It almost looked like it was Gothic-level of scenic. If it was brand-new it would probably be a little higher on the list for me.

9. Beetlejuice: This is the only house I caved and watched the POV from last year. Looked good, but I wasn't terribly overwhelmed. It felt like some stuff was missing (Specifically the dining room scene). I already saw it so it's at the bottom.

10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Uuugggghhhhh I'm really sick of this IP. I've been a local HHN Hollywood goer since '09. You can tell I'm really sick of this IP. I would love to be pleasantly surprised, but the HHN I've gone to has exhausted all that they could with this property. I'm really jaded and tired of this IP and will reluctantly go through this. I just hope they finally give this property a break for a least another decade. It's become really long in the tooth now.


Aug 12, 2021
#1 Haunting of Hill House - Loved the show and the facade looks amazing
#2 Wicked Growth - It reminds me of Scarecrow in a way, which was one of my favorite houses and possibly connected to Twisted Tradition which was a great SZ
#3 Icons - Self explanatory
#4 Scary OH - If this is the aniversary house of the orginals it would be great to see some of my favorites again
#5 Legendary Truth - Loved the house in 2020 and I look forward to this latest installment
#6 Puppet Theater - Love the concept and the construction photos of the fasade makes this house stand out as a potential sleeper hit
#7 Bride - Loved Universal Monsters in HHN29 and in Hollywood 2018 I think this could be a great house if presented as intended
#8 Beetlejuice - Looks like it will be fun but not scary
#9 Tooth Fairy - Wasn't my favorite concept, but it would be nice to see as it was intended
#10 TCM - HHN25 house was a good repsentation of the 1976 movie, but my least favorite of the slashers

See you in the fog, Cheers!


Nov 3, 2019
1- Icons
2- Wicked Growth
3- Scarey
4- Case Files
5- Puppet Theater
6- Hill House
7- Brides
8- Texas Chainsaw
9- Beetlejuice
10 - Tooth Fairy
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Jul 11, 2018
Ranking list from someone who’s never experienced Orlando’s HHN before coming in hot!

10. BeetleJuice - While I love the movie I’m not really excited for the house, I know it’ll be probably be a good house and super fun, but I’m more into the scarier houses instead of the family friendly ones at the end of the day.

9. Puppet Theater: Captive Audience - the only reason this one isn’t at the bottom for me is because it’s original and I know they usually knock those out of the park. Regardless puppets and creepy dolls don’t usually pique my interest, I didn’t watch the behind the scenes on this so I don’t really have anything to go off of; hoping this one surprises me.

8. Revenge of the Toothfairy - This one has a really cool concept and I was a fan of the tooth fairy maze they had at knotts a while ago so I’m excited to see that concept taken to a new level with this one.

7. Bride of Frankenstein LIVES - I love the classic monsters and hearing literally nothing but great things about this one from last years HHN lite has me real excited for this one. The bride isn’t my favorite monster(and I’m kinda upset Dracula gets shafted once again pls just give him a solo maze) but I do really like the storyline they went with this one so I can’t really complain.

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - TCM is one of the only movies that still kinda scares me the grimy feel of it just rubs me the wrong Way and to see it in a soundstage maze where they can go however crazy with it they want has me beyond hyped. I also just feel like they wouldn’t have brought this property back if they didn’t have expectations to absolutely crush it considering leatherface is no where near the most popular titan of terror. Wish I could rank this higher but the other originals have me more intrigued.

5. Case Files UNEARTHED: Legendary Truth - I don’t really know the big backstory of legendary truth down to its core but after seeing some pictures of the first LT house it at least has to place this high in the hype list. I’m a sucker for paranormal things and from what I understand that’s exactly what LT is so color me excited for that. I would place it higher but the apparent New York City setting doesn’t reaaally hook me, I’m more of a classic haunted house type of guy, but I’m really interested to see how they’ll pull it off.

4. Welcome to Scarey: Horror in the Heartland - for someone who hasn’t been to HHN Orlando before this was probably the best maze that I could ask for since it’ll have some greatest hits sections that’ll let me see what exactly everyone’s talking about on here most of the time. That’s basically all I have to say about this one except

Apparently theres supposed to be an HR Bloodenguts section and that basically shot it up to top 5 for me on its own I’ve wanted to experience that maze since I heard about it and the fact that I’ll hopefully be able to see it here is crazy.

3. HHN Icons CAPTURED - Another one that’s here solely because I’ve never seen any of the icons before and to put them all into one condensed experience, yeah, sign me up.

2. Haunting of Hill House - Hill house is one of my favorite horror properties in recent years, I love the tv show, I love mike Flanagan, and judging from the picture of the facade I just KNOW they’ll nail the haunting beauty of the show and the horror of the ghosts that reside in there, cannot WAIT to walk through this one. (also side note: please let this mean that they’ll consider doctor sleep for a maze in the future I’m begging)

1. Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin -
Classic Halloween settings - check
HHN creative team details - check
Cool looking pumpkin guy who feasts on the flesh of humans - check
Yeah this has been on the top of my hype list since it was just a name on the speculation map. Classic Halloween is my favorite aesthetic for any haunted house or event period and judging by the beats of this maze in the description it hits most of what gets me the most excited. If they pull this one off flawlessly it might honestly be one of my top houses of all time across any event. High expectations for this.
October cannot come soon enough.
Jan 30, 2020
Ottawa, Canada
I'm very pleasantly surprised at how high Pumpkin is on everybody's list. That description really promises it all and God I hope it delivers.

Here's mine, as a HHN follower since 19 and attendee since 22. (Minus 25...the TRAGEDY.)

10. Texas Chainsaw - I respected the house at 26 it was very well designed. I just don't like the property. Sorry. A soundstage might up things, but going in with low expectations.

9. Tooth Fairy - Any other year and this would be top 5 easy. The line up is just too strong. Love the aesthetic, love the story, love everything else above it more.

8. Beetlejuice - The soundtrack is going to carry this house for me. Visually, I'm worried it will be a little toooooooooo 'out there'. Which is good. That's what Beetlejuice is. I just prefer the realism horror.

7. Hill House - Watched the series a few weeks back and I would be 100% more on board for Bly Manor. So hope this does well enough to justify Bly next year. I think it's the closest to Crimson Peak we'll get in Orlando and that's awesome. Again, it's just a really strong year.

6. Brides - That commerical. If even one room in that house looks like that final shot I'm going to love this house. I have avoided videos of lite houses but I hope between this and LT we get some cool black and white houses a la Monsters at 22.

5. Icons - THIS SHOULDNT BE THIS LOW. I joined the fandom for the icons. I studied this damn lore. I cry for missing 21. I missed 25 so my only icon has really been AMC's The Walking Dead (TM) and Chance who was criminally underused at 26. Yet here we are. Middle of the barrel. I expect this to change at the event but yeah. Crazy.

4. Puppet Theatre - I'm a theatre kid. Also this tent always brings the action. Dead Exposure, Scarecrow, Nightingales sorta.

3. Boris - Lore fiend. The art looks promising. Wyandot sounded like a GOAT and I'm hoping this is a sort of successor to it. It has the most mystery surrounding it as it SHOULD. If it has a chance to open the event to more Legendary Truth bring it on. I loved the game at 23 and I think this was really a gift from A&D to us crazies.

2. SCarey - This was number 1 until yesterday. It allegedly has 3 of my favourite houses from years I've attended. Every original they attach Carey to is a hit for me. And this is just. Yes. 1000x yes. Back that up with being MIB tent, which historically I've managed solo runs through every year in. I'm in HHN heaven.

1. Wicked Growth : Pumpkin Spiced Autumn - As mentioned above, the description sold this. It sounds like part Trick R Treat aesthetic, part Twisted Traditions. If I get to smell the Pumpkin Guts scent from Slaughter Sinema again I'm going to cry. The Pumpkin Lord sounds badass. It's going to be a gas and I'm so glad everyone else seems to think that too.


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Sep 26, 2013
Morrison, CO
1. Welcome to Scarey: Horror in the Heartland - I love the Carey houses (Hive, Leave it to Cleaver and Slaughter Sinema) so this is at that top of my list!

2. Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin - Didn't think anything of this but after hearing it's similar in tone to "The Hallow" I was sold. The scenes I've heard about sound awesome!

3. Beetlejuice - Love the movie and character and look forward to seeing how they implement it!

4. Bride of Frankenstein - Love anything Frankenstein related since my name is Frankie too!

5. Puppet Theater: Captive Audience - Story sounds solid and the facade looks great!

6. Revenge of the Toothfairy - This one I will have to wait an see.

7. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Love the character and story but this is been done multiple times already. The last one was disappointing so hopefully this one delivers.

8. HHN Icons CAPTURED - I probably would prefer a Icon centered house as some of them were really good. This should still be a good house though.

9. Case Files UNEARTHED: Legendary Truth - Don't really care for the story here.
10. Haunting of Hill House - Never saw the show and don't care to much to see it so I'm not too excited.


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Feb 7, 2014
Well, here’s my two cents that I already realize are going to change. The top four particularly are kind of a jumble

1) Wicked Growth: From what we have been told this has a strong story and the set design is reminiscent of a sound stage house. Those two things alone have me intrigued.

2) Bride of Frankenstein: I love the Monsters and reviews from last year were strong, so I am excited to see this for myself

3) Puppet Theater: Dollhouse of the Damned was a favorite in 2014 and this gives me similar vibes, but with a stronger story. The set design in the video and the idea that we will see different areas of the theater from different perspectives is a cool idea

4) Case Files: This would probably be higher if I had a stronger grasp on what to expect. Noir is a favorite of mine, though, and the key art looks inspired by Lovecraft, so I am hoping for good things. That being said, I have not been a huge fan of the Shrek location when it comes to set design apart from Krampus

5)Tooth Fairy: The walkthrough video looked cool and the story aspect seems great. I am curious what it is supposed to look like when fully staffed and with all effects running

6) Hill House: A gorgeous looking facade plus the idea that it starts more ambiance based versus full on scary is cool. I also have a soft spot for haunted houses, so this should be cool.

7) Icons: The story sounds decent, but I have been through a few Icon houses by now. This will most likely be good, but I feel like I already know what to expect.

8) SCarey: I enjoy the houses based in Carey, but the best of aspect of this house moves it down my list. I am sure it will be fun, but like Icons, I feel like I know what to expect.

9) Texas Chainsaw: I saw the house at 26 so again, I feel like I know what to expect here. That being said, the change in location and the fact that they wanted to take another stab at this one means it has the highest possibility of surprising me

10) Beetlejuice: I have wanted this house for a while, BUT the walkthrough I saw fell entirely flat. Not because of the actors, but because I just didn’t like the way the house structure was designed. It didn’t feel like we walked THROUGH many of the scenes, but instead that we walked BESIDE things.

Though I know he doesn’t attend, I am curious what order @Legacy has his list in based on what he has heard
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Sep 29, 2014
I haven’t really been in the HHN speculation thread because it gets a little too busy, but based on what UO sent out:

1. Icons — seems like all the pieces are there to make it easy to execute something really brilliant.

2. Scarey—getting campy vibes? Slaughter Sinema is one of my Top 5 so I’m hoping for something similar here

3. Pumpkin—love when they go full Halloween.

4. Legendary Truth—I dont know what LT really is but I LOVED the house in 2010 and think the detective angle is gonna be neat.

5.Bride of Frankenstein—purely based on reactions from HHN lite (which I didn’t get to go to)

6. Tooth Fairy — see above

7. Puppet Theater — everything from here down I’m kinda meh on, but this seems to have potential.

8. Texas Chainsaw — these have always been fun, but I dont see how they’ll be able to do anything new or unique

9. Hill House — couldn’t get into the show, not sure what to expect from the house.

10. Beetlejuice — I just don’t see it. Didn’t care for Ghostbusters either.


Sep 7, 2015
1. SCarey: I’m a sucker for nostalgia, especially with a chance to see SS again.

2. Icons: Followed the event for many of the icon years via YouTube, but this’ll be my first time seeing them in person.

3. Puppet Theater: Facade looks beautiful, and the behind the scenes video they did last year really got me excited for it.

4. TCM: Chainsaws always play in my book, so I’m pumped for that.

5. Wicked Growth: Don’t really know what to expect from this one, so I’m excited with how blind I’ll be experiencing this.

6. Beetlejuice: The movie’s a ton of fun, so I expect this to be similar. My expectation is that it finds the balance between fun/scary that Ghostbusters didn’t quite hit in 29 (at least for me).

7. Legendary Truth: Could use a refresh on the lore with this one. Interested to see how the public reacts to this house because it’s such a niche theme.

8. Hill House: Planning on watching the show over the next month, so hoping that’ll bump it up. The facade looks great.

9. Bride: Uni Monsters at 29 was great, hoping this captures the same magic. Both this and tooth just feel like a little of the luster is lost because they were open last year, even though I didn’t go through.

10. Tooth Fairy: I don’t know why but the theme of this just doesn’t get me pumped. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised by this.


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Feb 25, 2014
First off, it feels really good being able to make this list. This is one of those little things which has become tradition, and it's another sign that HHN isn't far away. A very nice sign to have after a year of absence.

Secondly, I'll preface this that I'm honestly looking forward to this lineup! There's not a single one which I'm *not* looking forward to, so that's pretty impressive in my book.

1. HHN Icons: Captured - If I had to put my finger on what might be the most "quintessential" HHN house this year for a lot of folks, it's this one. Throughout the "Iconic" years, these twisted men and ladies were front and center. We know their names, backstories, quips and gosh darn it, we get excited anytime we can see them again! While I was never able to attend any of those years, to be able to see all of them for the first time in one house is pretty sweet. I like the concept of the house and it could be fun going through again and again due to the ending. The Icons are definitely big parts to HHN's history, so it feels fitting that for the 30th year, this house is my most anticipated!

2. Puppet Theater: Captive Audience - Now I'll admit, if this house was a "Mannequin Theater" than I'd probably be a lot more freaked out about the concept than a Puppet Theater, but nonetheless I downright love the concept of this house! It sounds wonderfully demented, and I'm eager to see how they play with the set designs and layout in the Sprung tent with this one! An while it's not Mannequin's, this house still probably has the best chance of getting under my skin.

3. Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth - I can see why the insiders kept this one close to their chests, Legendary Truth is a nice chunk of deep lore for HHN, and a "Noir" theme is certainly not a theme you see often at any haunt. That alone has me intrigued to high heaven! While I would've loved to have seen the Billie Eilish house, I think it's pretty clear A&D wanted to give us something real special in this Lemonade out of Lemon's situation.

4. Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin - So here we have a house more seeped in the traditional kind of Halloween imagery, and that is something HHN can do very well! By all accounts and what's teased so far, this could be a killer house! Like with Puppet Theater, I'm excited to see how they play with the set's and layout in the Sprung tent, since this is clearly not going for a usual design this year!

5. Haunting of Hill House - At the moment I've yet to see this series, however I knew I had to have this in the top 5 just based off a couple things.

1. It's a ghost house. A&D has a pretty good track record when dealing with them, such as Poltergeist in 2018 and Graveyard Games in 2019 which were my favorite houses those respective years!
2. From the sounds of it, A&D is really going outside the box when it comes to making this house. That's a bold choice considering this is the biggest IP they have this year. An when A&D goes outside the norm when making a house, even for a big IP...well you get houses like Poltergeist!

Just those two things alone has me excited for this house, even if it may scare the heck outta' me like Graveyard Games did!

6. Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland - So here we got the "Anniversary" house which is gonna' throw a LOT at us. Generally I have my issues with these kinds of houses since they can falter in terms of a nice even representation throughout the years, but this one is avoiding that with the Carey, OH angle. Not every year had a house based in Carey, so it's perfectly fine if years are skipped or feature multiple houses from the same year. You just gotta' focus on which ones did appear in this charming little hellhole. An from the list provided, this lineup is wonderfully eccentric! Not a safe lineup by any means, since I appreciate the deep cuts that are rumored to be in here!

That all said, ultimate this house is a smorgasbord of themes and creatures. Now this can totally work like it did for me with Slaughter Sinema, but it can also be a tad disjointed. Only one way to find out!

7. Beetlejuice - Not much to say here. I've always loved the movie, always loved seeing BJ in the parks, I think this'll satisfy as a more lighthearted house compared to the others. This would probably be higher up on my list, but with such a strong lineup this year it's pushed down the list a bit.

8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Dark Horse Pick) - So here we have what I think is the "odd-man-out" of the lineup. Now it's TCM which is a well-known slasher series, and it's based off the original film which is a classic! Thing is, Orlando already did a house based off the original film in 2016, only this time it's in a Soundstage and not a tent. An the 2016 house didn't set the ratings on fire like AWiL did, so this coming back really does stick out in a odd way. That said, if it's got a good cast and all, I can see this being a intense house! I've never been in any TCM house, so I'm looking forward to it. With it being the "odd-man-out" and having some great potential, I can't think of a better house for my Dark Horse Pick!

9. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy (Experienced in 2020) - So here's the first "cheat" when it comes to making the list, I experienced this 4 times last year so I pretty much know what to expect from this house. Personally I really enjoyed this one, and I look forward to seeing it again! But in terms of an anticipation list, I have to put it at the bottom since I've already seen it.

10. Bride of Frankenstein LIVES (Experienced in 2020) - Like with Tooth Fairy, I went through this 4 times last year, so this is another "cheat" when putting it on the list. I enjoyed this one as well, and of course I'll be hitting up plenty more times this year, but for the anticipated list, it's gotta' go on the bottom by default due to the unique situation.


And there you have it! Now the Catch-22 to this lineup is it was easily the hardest anticipated list for me to make. Every house has great potential for me, so picking the top spots were pretty hair splitting. Complicating matters even more is when it comes to my list, my #1 is never put in the #1 spot. I've always done this is a pre-emptive avoidance of overhyping myself, that way I end up enjoying houses like Carnival Graveyard a lot more than many others who thought that was gonna' be THE #1.

Either way, it's great to be back to the Horrah. This is quite the lineup for an anniversary year, and if my run-throughs of BoFL and RotTF last year were any indication, I think we're all in for one heck of a year!


May 8, 2019
None of your business
Pretty shocked that with 126 total votes on the poll at the time I'm posting this, Brides has absolutely ZERO votes for most anticipated.

I know a decent number of people got to do the house last year...but the consensus seemed to be that it was amazing even with the all the safety measures/restrictions that people were stoked to see it this year with with (hopefully) less safety measures in place. Everybody, including myself, raved over the announcement video and that helped elevate it up my list. Just surprised it doesn't have a single vote.


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Feb 15, 2012
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Pretty shocked that with 126 total votes on the poll at the time I'm posting this, Brides has absolutely ZERO votes for most anticipated.

I know a decent number of people got to do the house last year...but the consensus seemed to be that it was amazing even with the all the safety measures/restrictions that people were stoked to see it this year with with (hopefully) less safety measures in place. Everybody, including myself, raved over the announcement video and that helped elevate it up my list. Just surprised it doesn't have a single vote.
I mean Tooth doesn’t either for the same reason. If we did stacked rankings we probably would see them higher on the list.


Nov 3, 2019
1. HHN Icons: Captured - I quite literally grew up watching videos and reading Wiki pages about them, so finally being able to experience them all in person? It's a dream come true, and the HHN XX style of the house's promo material makes me incredibly excited. Also, glad to see some of the lesser/newer Icons like Lady Luck getting some rep.

2. The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin - From what we've seen and heard, this one sounds like it's going to be pure, unadulterated, pumpkin-y, Halloween goodness. It could literally be the same room over and over again and I would not complain, I love this aesthetic so much. This was originally my #4 spot, but after finding out more about the Legendary Truth house and reading more about this one, I'm a bit more excited for it.

3. Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland - Another anniversary house in the vein of Icons, which goes to show how much we're being spoiled this year. I know a list of possible houses being represented in this house has been mentioned, but frankly, I completely forgot (except for like, The Spawning and maybe Depths of Fear). I'm expecting this house to be more cramped, too, if the house that was in the same location last year (House of 1,000 Corpses) was anything to go by, and that is absolutely a plus for me.

4. Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth - This was initially my #2 house (I started ranking them before the full reveal), but the actual theme of this house being revealed makes me a tad less excited. I was expecting this to be themed after more modern Legendary Truth, so I guess I got burned a little. That's enough griping for now, though. Despite it's lowered rank, I'm still pretty excited for it. Hoping the house's logo means there's going to be some Lovecraftian influence here.

5. The Haunting of Hill House - When I first heard about this one being leaked, I didn't really think much of it, just another Netflix IP house in the vein of Stranger Things from 2018 and 2019. But after watching the show from start to finish, I'm excited for this. It's atmospheric as heck and will absolutely provide a classic haunted house experience, as the house is going to focus more on the ghosts and house itself as opposed to the characters. However, if Stranger Things from 2019 is anything to go by, I'm a little worried it's going to be shlocky and boring like that was, though.

6. Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein LIVES! - Very happy to see even more girlboss rep this year. I loved the original Universal Monsters house from last year, and that was an absolute delight aesthetics-wise. Seems like it's going to be good, classic fun.

7. Beetlejuice - Seems like it's going to be more of a "funny" house in the vein of Ghostbusters from last year, which I enjoyed quite a bit. The set design also seems like it's going to be fun, considering the more avant-garde architecture of the film.

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I'm a sucker for chainsaws in general and I really enjoyed the original movie, so this sounds good. I don't have much else to say on it, honestly.

9. Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience - The concept sounds fun, but from what we saw during the preview last year, it seems very... bland to me, set design wise. I can see myself changing my mind when I go through it, though.

10. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy - I saw footage of this house from HHN Lite, and it seems fine, and looks like it has a couple of cool scenes. Doesn't really stand out to me, though. Like with Puppet Theatre, my thoughts on this house are absolutely subject to change once I experience it for myself.


Aug 15, 2017
I'll jump on to the house hype train with my list. Going from least anticipated to most.

10. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy: It pains me to put this so low, and don't think it means that I have zero interest in this house, but with a stacked lineup of houses that each offer something that interests me more it goes to the bottom.

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I putting this so low only because I went through it in '16 and am not sure what changes they will be bringing, other than the increased space and ability to leave the Sawyer house. I'm sure it will go up on my list after I've experienced it and read what others say, but as of now its low.

8. Beetlejuice: Just typing this out is a shock to me. I love this movie and the thought of walking through it excites me, but I have a feeling it will be like Ghostbusters, and instead of focusing on scary me. I'm sure it will be great to look, and even make me smile to be experiencing it, but not scare me save for a scene or too (I jump easily).

7: Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland: This house both excites me for what potentially lies within, but also worries me. Mashup houses can work well, look at M&M at HHN 25, but if its just random scene then random scene it could lead to a feeling of disjointedness and a lack fluidity. Most of the houses within this house that are being uses I unfortunately was unable to experience for one reason or another, and it is this reason that I have more anticipation for this house over the others.

6: Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein LIVES!: I love the Universal Monsters (I have a Futurama mashup of them tattooed on my arm), and from what I've seen and read this house is an interesting take on the bride characters that are often used as background players within the main monster's scenes. I love The Bride of Frankenstein movie, and really like the approach they are taking with the character, but the other house higher on the list just have more that interests me; still cannot wait to experience this one.

5: Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience: I fully expect this house to be beautiful and a blast to go through, but I'm nervous that it will focus on detail and aesthetics rather than unique scares. The concept is strong and could lead to many moments of misdirect scares, I just hope it doesn't get hyped up to like carnival grave yard was, and disappoint everyone because it wasn't what they went in expecting. Can't wait to experience it and get startled, because I'm too busy looking at all of the set design and not at the Scareactor(s) waiting to scare me.

4: The Haunting of Hill House: I'm currently re-watching the show ( I never made it past ep 4 the first time I started), and as I'm watching it I'm getting more and more excited for what can be done with it. The only reason it sits at #4 is that I'm worried we may get repeat scares of the same main ghosts and the mom. The fact that it looks like ghosts are being placed in the backgrounds of the scenes, like in the show, has me excited to walk through and play a game of spot the ghost. Overall at the very least this house is going to look beautiful (like Puppet Theatre), and I'm sure will utilize some unique scares and ghost designs.

3: Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth: This house keeps moving up and down my top 3. The potential confusion over what the story is, and the possibility that even after going through the house the story wont be understood completely has me place this at #3. The lore of the Legendary Truth, and the potential to be heavily noir themed, and include new monsters has this high on my anticipation list. I hope that maybe one of the UTH will take us through this one and explain the story better, because when I did that for RUN during 25 it made the next walkthrough much more enjoyable as I fully under stood what the story of the house and characters were. Either way this house has me excited, but I will go into it with hesitation and try and remember that it is in the Shrek location which doesn't provide many wide open scenes de to the space limitations.

2: HHN Icons: Captured: Love the icons (some more than others) and being able to experience each one in a limited capacity with a finally showdown at the end has my shaking with excitement. I see this house like a short movie or tv show, when done in small doses work quite well ( a scene or two), but when given a whole house just for themselves it might not. This is why I don't might the mash up style so much, because stepping into one scene of one icon wont need to flow into the next, because each icon focuses on a different theme. I'm sure the them of being in the lantern will play in the transition to help. I really hope this house ends of being as good as it seems, but since this year has such potentially good houses it may drop lower after I've had a chance to experience them all.

1: The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin: The story behind this house excites me, the look of the entrance excites me, and the potential aesthetics of what will be in this house excites me. Universal does classic Halloween very well, and I'm a sucker for the classic pumpkin/fall design. I hope this one lives up to the hype I've created in my head, but I am prepared for it not to. Either way I'm sure this one will impress, and given previous houses and scarezones that have utilized a similar theme, I have no doubt it will.