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HHN 30: Most Anticipated House

Most Anticipated House?

  • Haunting of Hill House

  • Beetlejuice

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives

  • Halloween Horror Nights Icons: Captured

  • Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the Heartland

  • Case Files Unearthed: Legendary Truth

  • The Wicked Growth: Realm of the Pumpkin

  • Puppet Theatre: Captive Audience

  • Revenge of the Tooth Fairy

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Apr 25, 2018
It was really hard to actually make this list since there are so many good houses this year.
  1. Icons is number one because I have been following the Event since HHN24 but never got the chance to go before 28 so I missed out on all the Icons and I just love all the HHN Lore and all that is connected to it
  2. Wicked Growth is basically my number one and a half since I am equally looking forward to that one. I just love the Traditional Halloween things and mazes that take that theme. And based on what we already know we are ready for a couple of good surprises
  3. SCarey is my number 3 since it also ties in to all the Lore and I am stoked to see some of the past mazes return. Also I am particularly interesting in Mr Meetz.
  4. Beetlejuice is my number 4 since I love the movie and the musical. And I think that it will be one of those houses that I will leave with a smile since it will have a good sound design and gorgeous scenery that is close to the movie
  5. Puppet Theatre I am also really looking forward to this house and what I have seen from it shows that it can deliver a good amount of scares while also looking amazing. Basically all houses till here would have been my number one or two as anticipated houses in any year.
  6. Legendary Truth That House was hard to rank since we only know very little about it. But I am exited to see what expects us inside and I hope for an elaborate backstory and a house full of Easter eggs
  7. TCM I have to say that normally this house would be higher on my list since I always wanted to see it but there are just so many interesting originals that take priority over it. I think this house will be one of the few houses that will make me scared a couple of times due to how you can design those scenes to be up close and personal with in your face scares
  8. Hill House Honestly I am not a big fan of the show but I think the house will look amazing and deliver scares that we might not be expecting and will have the same creepy feeling as Graveyard Games.
  9. Bride of Frankenstein I have seen this one last year so I know what to expect. It has gorgeous set design and amazing story telling and I love to see its full potential. Especially without Plexi
  10. Revenge of the Toothfairy I love the storytelling throughout the maze but something was missing last year and the creature design was off so I hope for an improved house that fills some of the booholes and lives up to it’s potential
Sep 12, 2015
At first I didn't want to make a list because I was thinking "I'm equally excited for ALL the houses!" But the more I try to make a game plan for the event, the more I realize I do actually have an anticipation ranking.

1. The Haunting of Hill House presented by Netflix: I absolutely loved this show when it first came out. I've been a fan of Mike Flanagan's films since Oculus, and I think this show was incredible. It's interesting to me that I seem to be in the minority here, but that's fine with me, I guess the show wasn't for everyone. I've been hoping this would be a house at HHN, so the fact that it's actually happening has me beyond excited.
2. Puppet Theater: As someone who has only ever attended Hollywood's event before, I have always been jealous of your original houses. The concept for this house intrigues me, but it's the behind the scenes video that made me most excited for this one. The set design looks insane for a tent house.
3. Case Files Unearthed: I'm really intrigued by the noir vibe of this house. With so many insiders saying that this house is their favorite this year, I can't help but be excited for it.
4. The Wicked Growth: Loving the classic Halloween feel of this one.
5. Welcome to SCarey: I'm a big fan of the whole "Town with a Dark Secret" trope, so I'm really looking forward to this one. However, I don't have that same sense of nostalgia for some of these scenes as Orlando regulars would, so that's why it's further down on the list.
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: I thought the movie itself was pretty great, but I wouldn't consider it one of my favorites. That being said, one thing I do love about the movie is the atmosphere, which I think will translate beautifully to a house, especially since it's in a soundstage this year. I also never got to see HHN 26's take on this, so it doesn't feel as overdone to me as it does to some of you.
7. The Bride of Frankenstein Lives: I love the aesthetic of gothic horror. The only reason this one is so far down is because I already watched the walk-through of HHN Lite, so I know what to expect. Still very excited to see it in person.
8. HHN Icons: Captured: It's probably blasphemous to rank this house so low on my hype list, but hear me out. I'm still super excited for it. But like SCarey, I don't have any sense of nostalgia tied to this house. It will be my first time seeing any of the icons. Everything on this list from here up still has me VERY hyped.
9. Revenge of the Tooth Fairy: This is where I start to get less excited. This concept doesn't really grab my attention as much as the rest, and the walkthrough videos I watched made it seem decent. I think it's a good house, but compared to the rest of this years lineup it just doesn't really draw my attention. That being said, I hope they continue the theme of "bedtime stories" in the future with different stories, because I love that part of the premise.
10. Beetlejuice: Can I make a small confession? I've never been the biggest fan of comedy houses. I know, I'm the worst. Plus, the walkthrough videos didn't really blow me away. I love the movie, I just don't think it's the right atmosphere for the kind of house that I enjoy.


Aug 14, 2021
Long time lurker, just recently joined as a member. Been going to HHN since HHN20 in 2010. This would be my anticipated list but as others have said, none of these seem to be weak.

  1. Welcome to Scarey: HHN25's anniversary house was my favorite that year and I'm looking forward to revisiting some of my all time favorites (HR Bloodengutz, Dead End, Slaughter Sinema). I am also looking forward to visit some of the Carey, OH houses I missed before coming to HHN. You can always tell there's a lot involved in the fan service houses.
  2. Haunting of Hill House: The show was good but nothing groundbreaking to me, but the potential for this house is so high. I love houses based on haunted houses/ghosts. Dead End, Wyandot Estate, and Graveyard Games were my favorite houses of their respective years. I am especially excited how this house will be a slow burn and get progressively more intense. I am also excited to experience the new scare technique they created for the finale room, I am very curious what trick they have up their sleeve.
  3. Wicked Growth: If not haunted house/ghost themed, Halloween themed houses are also top tier houses for me. Trick R Treat especially really put me in the Halloween vibe whenever I went through the house. I am hoping this house has the same effect and I am excited to experience the new lore they created for this house.
  4. Legendary Truth: I really like what we have heard so far, but it is definitely the most mysterious house we have this year. It seems like it will be very varied which I also like to see.
  5. Beetlejuice: I love the movie and I am very excited to walk through it. This and Icons could really be interchangeable but I gave Beetlejuice the higher spot because I was not able to see this house last year and I have experienced all of the Icons in one way or another at the events through the years.
  6. Icons: I am very excited for the FvJ type ending that requires multiple run throughs. If I had not already experienced all of the Icons throughout the years I would have this higher.
  7. Puppet Theater: From what I saw in the videos this looks to have some great character designs and really utilize the tent capacity.
  8. TCM: I love TCM, but I did the house before in its tent version. I am excited to see what they'll do with more room but not more excited for all new houses.
  9. Tooth Fairy: I got to experience this last year which is why I have it so low. It was a fun house and I look forward to seeing what new stuff was added.
  10. Brides: Same as tooth fairy but since I have gone through Universal Monsters houses before, Tooth Fairy beats it out for the higher spot. The entrance for this house I thought was really cool.
Sep 12, 2015
Houston Texas
This is probably the most blind I've been heading in to an HHN that I'll be personally attending. I didn't even realize the one I'm most anticipating is in Shrek Theater!

1. Legendary Truth --- because I literally cannot picture what we're getting with this. First it was my most anticipated because I love the Paranormal investigation trope and i thought this was going to be like "urban legends" and cryptid style like back roads and old farm houses with Chupacabra's and Moth Mans (moth men?). Then the noir element and it's in a city setting was announced and I'm anticipating it most because it's an interesting angle. The Shrek theater is proving itself slowly but surely. They seem to be able to get length when they go compact like Halloween, and Klownz had a good length despite having some large scenes so I'm sure any problems this house has won't be because it's in Shrek.

2. ICONS ---- Love the icons. Can't picture how you put them all together, much less how they will duke it out. But it's my second most anticipated because I know the creators are putting a lot of effort in to it and I'm sure whatever they pull off will be cooler than the narrow vision I have of this right now. Also multiple Icons in a SS house will certainly be epic even if it isn't super intense.

3. Wicked Growth ---- This would be my number 1 if it weren't for the fact that reunion years bring back old faves or confounding story concepts. I'm anticipating this will be the "cammo" house and what better theme than with a classic Halloween aesthetic to use it with? I imagine intense claustrophobic environments and earthy scents like Scarecrow but with Trick r treat vibes woven in.

4. Scarey --- Who doesn't love a Mashup?

5. TCM --- I loved the House in 26 and regretted only being able to go through once. I am very happy to have this horror classic back for a reunion year.

6. Puppets --- Dolls and Clowns and creepy toys don't really do it for me. Don't get me wrong HHN is able to scare me with things that aren't "scary" on their face, but i don't find dolls and puppets particularly creepy on their own. The set design seems like it will be amazing, but I'm picturing a more compact Carnival Graveyard - a lot of time on the visual aspect, scares maybe an afterthought?

7. Hill House --- I'm looking forward to seeing it. I don't imagine it will be on the HotY list but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

All 3 remaining Tied. Beetle Juice, Bride, Toothfairy --- i'm excited but due to my lack of self control I know what to expect more or less. I am stoked to see them in person tho. They look great!

I can't wait to hear the reviews roll in soon! I always love those first tidbits of info when people are talking about sequences/scenes in the houses and I'm like wait what? How are they gonna pull that off? It's all just so fun!