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HHN 31: Scarecrow: Cursed Soil

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Apr 18, 2018

Scarecrow: Cursed Soil

At an abandoned farm, scarecrows have risen from the crust of the earth to hunt you and seek revenge. They'll harvest your screams.
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From the Discover Universal podcast:

There was a very popular house called Scarecrow: The Reaping years back. Now we have Scarecrow: Cursed Soil which will be all of Central Park. In the house, we went through the farmhouse and the house itself. Now, we're going through the fields and all of those scarecrows are coming at us. Now, a lot of times, it's kinda just Central Park, walking through all of the organic vegetation with all of the characters coming out. We've actually built a full barn and are having it right in the middle of the zone. So, even if he came in saying "ehhh I don't really wanna do a house" YOU'RE GONNA DO A HOUSE. We're gonna walk you through the barn. And so on either side it's bookended by all these different scarecrows. Once, you go into the barn, and I'm not gonna give it away, there are different characters that live there that are even more disgusting, nasty and they're doing terrible things to the farm family that lives there and you can join the fun.

This sounds incredible.
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After listening to the discover universal podcast this might be number 1 for me! Can't wait to see the barn and walk through it! This zone might also be the creepiest with Scarecrows and corn and fog in CP! Also, is it real corn? Because then get ready for a Hurrican.
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2008 had The Skoolhouse to "walk-through" as part of the SZ...

2013... had TWD barn to "walk-through" as part of the SZ

It's definitely not a new gimmick, but it's a new location since it was always to the left of the Central Park entrance which is now the Lagoon viewing entrance area.
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Would be sweet if we got fears lantern hanging up in the trees again. If not here then on one of those carts in conjure the dark. Love the little Easter eggs
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Happy they're doing Scarecrows again, The Reaping was too good to never have a presence in the parks again. I am of the believe though that while pretty, the Central Park scarezones are just too short and dense to be truly appreciated. Just becomes a hot mess to try and walk through in the peak hours of the night. Excited for the structure at the entrance!
the barn doesnt look or feel like a barn, but more like a slaughterhouse . specially with actors in the second floor looking down at you. it needed a tarp roof, the lack of roof is a little distracting. this zone is absolutely incredible. very very dark (a little too dark) it really feels like a different place. it really was like being transported to a real farm. i cant believe how much it changed this area.
Said a lot of my Scarezone thoughts in the Graveyard thread, but this one is just as great. Performers are doing great and the zone design is just awesome. Despite the Giant Barn out front, it is the most open Central Park zone I've possibly ever seen. Love the BGM, costumes are really neat, farm sets are as fun as ever, and it's also really dark just like Graveyard. Just a great zone all around. Trick R Treat and Twisted Traditions are the only two that come close in the time I've been attending and I'm not even sure how close they actually are to this one.
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I feel so so bad for the poor Corn Monster, and the people that created it. Its got to be terrible coming up with something really unique that you're proud of and then gets shot right out of the gate because of something going viral in the zeitgeist.
Couldn't they have... added more "barn ruins" to make it feel like an abandoned collapsed barn of doom?

I know everyone seems to praise darkness, I honestly don't find that appealing, especially when set detail is involved. Don't need daylight, but atmospheric spooky glow would be appreciated. It's been a complaint I've had with Hollywood's event for a while.

Need to see more footage from this zone.
So this zone and the Graveyard addressed some of the issues I spoke of last year

HHN does the programmed sounds and scares really well and I like that they are attempting that in the zones

This one (even when packed) can still get you because of the programmed hiding spots and foot pedals

I think that's going to be a necessity for them moving forward