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HHN - Halloween Night

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Feb 23, 2023
Hello! HHN Hollywood regular, going to Orlando for the first time this year. Debating going on Halloween night but wondering if it’s extra busy that evening? We’re planning on getting express no matter what. Backup plan is to go one of the following nights, which I’m guessing is definitely quieter, but Halloween night sounds extra fun. Any advice or thoughts appreciated!
Used to be one of the slowest nights of the year, although crowds have been growing steadily the past half-decade. Being a Tuesday should help--non-traditional nights tend to be less busy, and it's a school night. Having 4 nights left should help as well, no "need to say good-bye" crowd.

With the standard caveat, given these IPs, even a "slow" night is going to see some huge lines at the headliner houses.
We went last year on Halloween, it wasn't bad, but we did have express for that night. It was fun just to be there on Halloween. Me and my son are going again this year, but on Oct. 25th. We have become HHN junkies. Love Nightmare Fuel and just the whole vibe of HHN.
I have been going on Halloween night the past few years and at first it’s busy but after 11pm I starts to slow down. The past few years also been closing night but this year it goes till November 4th. It’s just fun to be there Halloween night. I’ll be there again this year on Halloween night and I can’t wait!