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HHN26: Most Anticipated Scarezone

Which scarezone are you most looking forward to this year?

  • A Chance in Hell

  • Vamp 1955

  • Dead Man's Wharf

  • Banshee's Lair

  • Survive or Die

Results are only viewable after voting.


Jul 1, 2010


p.s. Dead Man's Wharf FTW!

Still iffy on every house but Ghost Town--hope for an amazing year but could easily see most going either way--but SZs all look can't miss. Mix in some hoards, they should end up stealing the show. Probably not a coincidence they are 100% IP-free.


Veteran Member
Feb 25, 2014
To echo what's been said, this is looking to be a surprisingly good year for scare zones. Especially since they're getting more elaborate props then they have in recent past. (In some cases they're getting more props in general.)

A Chance In Hell - On one hand, I can understand the concern about crowd issues if that rumored mini show happens right in the middle of it. But on the other hand, I gotta' give it to them for having a lot of big props in this area. The past several SZ's here have been painfully minimal with low scares, so it's nice seeing them try something different. (Even if it does run into crowd issues.)

Dead Man's Wharf *My Most Anticipated SZ* - I love the theme, I love the potential creatures that could be in this zone, and considering there's no house exiting into this zone it's allowing them to go a bit more abundant with the props.

Lair of the Banshees - This is definitely a theme that can work in the Central Park area, and the theming with the rocks, runes, skulls and vines look a bit more amped up then in SZ's past.

Survive or Die - While this comes off as the most generic of the SZ's (Possibly due to it being more of a replacement zone for a Purge SZ.), the props look nice and if they bring back the projections a la' Acid Assualt that'll help a lot.

Vamp '55 - This is probably one of the most "fun" SZ themes they've come up with in a while, and it's a theme that honestly fits the fact that most of the props are literally floats. Though with the floats I kinda hope it doesn't become another "selfie scare zone" that the Hollywood Zones have become in recent years. (Icons was a bit of a exception due to the mini shows they did in that zone, it wasn't just stand around and be a photo op.)