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#HHNForever - Hollywood 2020

Except, he doesn’t. A hefty chunk of the budget is the result of using specific, more expensive contractors instead of doing a bid to save money with cheaper ones. It’s self inflicted.

And the designed “black voids” really just come down to lazy design. Basically, “I can’t figure out this transition. Black void!”

THIS. Why does every house have three mega facades, but unfinished scenes? It’s like they allocate budget to half a maze worth of ultra detailed scenes (that no one can really take in on one walk through due to the dark, but appropriate, lighting) and connect scenes through black wall transition scares even if it doesn’t fit or could be better themed with little budget (basic painting, fiberglass brick panels, etc). And it’s worse because in mazes that Murdy is genuinely passionate about like Monsters, they actually will wrap the walls and theme transitions, showing that it’s not out of the question.

They get away with it because it’s apparently what does well on the survey, BUT people I know who aren’t big HHN fans but have gone see it as the same thing in every maze. At least 6 blackwall transitions, 3 large puppets, 4-6 ultra detailed scenes that don’t focus on scares, water effects everywhere, and at least 2 screen rips if we’re talking post 2017
Was haunting of hill house one of the mazes that got knocked down? Did they even start building it?