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Horror Nights 29 Merchandise


Aug 25, 2019
Hell yea GB t-shirts. Sorry but are they making Ghostbusters shirts, but are just not putting it on the house shirts? Just trying clear some confusion.
Yes. They have both! There’s individual GB merch available! Saw quite a bit at the horror makeup exit gift shop


May 8, 2019
None of your business
I didn't buy much of anything last year (so upset they got rid of the playing cards and bottle openers), but am going to go broke this year. Love so much of the gear, and a house shirt without the stupid blood letters (regrettably sans-Ghostbusters) is a must buy.


Contributing Member
Jan 23, 2019

That House of 1000 Corpses shirt... that's it, I'm going broke.
Also, any news on the Shorty figure. It's not up for sale online and I haven't seen anything of it on the parks.
YES! I love the Corpses t-shirt. Is that the tribute store?


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Jan 23, 2019
Has anybody seen video or photos of all the Klowns shirts? So far only seen the Klownzilla one, and a horror ink one for Shorty.

Also, for anyone who did Horror Ink last year, how does it work? I know you pick your design on the screen, but do they print immediately, or do you come back later to collect?
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