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Horror Nights Wish List - Hollywood

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Dream untapped IPs: Scream, IT, The Conjuring, Hellraiser, The Ring, The Fog, Suspiria, Pumpkinhead, Tremors, Crypt TV anthology maze, The Hills Have Eyes, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.. The Funhouse, Thir13n Ghosts, Fright Night, Night Of The Demons, They Live, Night Of The Creeps, Phantasm..

Dream originals: Exterminatorz, Toyz, All Hallow's Evil, Hollywood Harry maze, a maze or scarezone based around 1920's prohibition/mafia themes, a Mardi Gras scarezone or maze similar to Mask-A-Raid or Monster Masquerade.. imagine HHN Hollywood's take on Mardi Gras aesthetics?, a fairy tales/nursery rhymes maze similar to HHN Orlando's Scary Tales, Spirits and Demons of the East..

Dream returning/sequel/requel IPs or originals: Titans of Terror requel with a different facade/framing story, Creepshow Volume 2 with more stories from the show as well as the unused Creepshow movie stories, the OG Evil Dead trilogy, a Holidayz sequel, a La Llorona requel or El Cucuy sequel.. The Thing 1982.. Universal Monsters: The Phantom of the Opera.. Tales From The Crypt..
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Rewatched Aliens last night. I know some people want “Alien” more, but my GOD I would KILL to have ALIENS as a maze. No Predator, just a bunch of marines and xenomorphs. I wanna hear some pulse rifles, smart guns, marines yelling. I wanna see some shooting action, Ripley in the mech-suit battling the Queen, Ripley flaming the eggs, Marines vs Xenomorph shootout, I WANT IT ALL!
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So far I'd love for Scream, Treehouse of Horror, Bioshock, Twilight Zone and Chucky. Oh, and I think it'd be a great time to bring back The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Back in Business in its original state for one more year.
Some mazes I’ve thought of are Mars Atatcks! Gremlins of course, men in black( if ghostbusters worked so can MIB), Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure (a maze where bill and Ted face off against demons and classic Halloween stuff like witches and pumpkins I dunno)
If 2021 ends up getting TCM and the Halloween franchises returning i would love it if they threw freddy back in and do the original Nightmare on Elm Street; as far as i know they haven't tackled to original 1984 film and i just think it would be so amazing to see done right. It would also be a plus if they did the Wes Craven double whammy and had scream come back to back with it next year for synergy with 5cream.
Alright, Terror Tram Idea’s!

  • Alice Cooper’s Terror Tram (basically a outdoor version of Alice Cooper's past HHN mazes)
  • Guillermo del Toro’s Terror Tram (featuring the creatures from Guillermo's films and creatures designed by Guillermo's just for the Terror Tram)
  • Terror Tram: Featuring Psycho (featuring a tent maze behind the Bates Motel themed to the horror classic)
  • Terror Tram: Hosted by Crypt TV (a Hollywood Terror Tram version of Orlando's 2021 Scare Zone)
  • Terror Tram: A Irish Tale of Horror (John Murdy lives in Ireland, so why not?)
  • Terror Tram: The Decrepit Valley of Trevor Henderson (featuring the creatures created by Trevor Henderson)
  • Universal Monsters: Creatures from The Court of Miracles (featuring a new route for the Terror Tram that goes through The Court of Miracles)
Can't believe imma say this, but since Orlando got Crypt Tv, just imagine a SCP Terror Tram.

So many interesting doors have been open with that Crypt TV zone. I was surprised Orlando went down the "Internet Horror" road quicker than Hollywood did. I mean Hollywood kind of used Hollywood Harry's first year to promote Crypt TV, but they never actually used Crypt TV's characters or stories. Personally, I would not mind to see Crypt TV get it's own attraction on both coasts some day.

Speaking of things that started from the internet, Lights Out would not make a bad house for Hollywood. Especially because of those Black Wallz...
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The Ring
The Grudge
Suspiria (original)
Hereditary or A24 compilation
Candyman (original or requel)
Coraline (very serious about this one)
Other classic monsters (Phantom, Creature, Invisible Man)
The Babadook
Jordan Peele original

Since Hollywood brought Scarecrow the Reaping a HHN Orlando house to their HHN. They should bring more Orlando HHN houses to Hollywood like Graveyard Games, Seeds of Extinction, and Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces.
Since Hollywood brought Scarecrow the Reaping a HHN Orlando house to their HHN. They should bring more Orlando HHN houses to Hollywood like Graveyard Games, Seeds of Extinction, and Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces.
Tbh I wouldn't mind seeing a Hollywood spin on Slaughter Sinema. Hollywood clearly has no issue doing vignette-based houses, so taking that structure through the lens of a new set of original B-Movies sounds really fun to me. I feel like it would let them flex their creative muscles a bit more than a lot their originals do, while also allowing them to remain on theme.
- Hitchcock compilation and/or Psycho
- Arkham Asylum/Batman
- David Lynch compilation or original
- The Babadook (mostly just to see the costumes)
- A24 compilation (The Witch, Hereditary, The Lighthouse, Midsommar etc.)
- Squid Game (idk what all the whining is about, I think it'd be cool)
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Reviving this: Always thought something like a twisted Christmas Carol would be fun. Jacob Marley jumpscares, the graveyard, the Ghosts of Christmas, Ignorance and Want, a frozen Tiny Tim, then you can end with a Krampus-style bait-and-switch.