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Knott’s Scary Farm 2019


Nov 7, 2016
I want them to become Horror Nights but 3x better... because they're fully capable!
I'd love it if Knotts actually scaled things back a bit, in the sense HHN did in 06/07.
A "reboot" if you will.
Slash ALL the mazes and start from scratch. Only do 4-5 mazes. Put ALL the budget into them and make them the scariest, most innovative mazes ever made -- the first year or two, due to figuring out their budget allocation, I'd expect many reused set pieces from this year and that's fine. Throw away any bad ideas and focus on quality. Let the creative directors really dive into the process and thoroughly train each actor. Then be strict. Make sure every scene is in tip top shape so that every - single - visitor gets the intended experience of that scene. Let veterans do their thing but newbies can have "set scares." Hire 3/4 of the amount of actors they hire now, but now have the actors double up in each maze so nobody gets tired with breaks and intervals. Have dress rehearsals and/or fan appreciation nights so the kinks can be ironed out. So the lines don't get insane, make sure every ride has had maintenance and running several cars. Three major high capacity shows. One to replace The Hanging, the Schultz theater, and one in the Birdcage or the Wagon Camp. If there's any budget leftover, fix up the Log Ride and the Mine Ride to be themed. They don't necessarily need actors, but a spooky overhaul would be great. Raise prices by about $15-20 and lower capacity. Keep the prices low in the beginning so word of mouth can spread though, so people understand they're not just charging more for less. That they've upped their game to be beyond anything they were before or any competition in the area, and spending extra will be worth it. Keep Ghost Town exactly the same. If they feel a need to re-haul Carnevil and Necropolis, so be it. They already got rid of the Gauntlet so Carnevil isn't even that sacred to me anymore, considering it's barely ANY dressing and all clowns.
I don't think slashing the amount of mazes in half will help with crowd control. Like, at all.


Jul 24, 2019
I was at Scary Farm tonight and I would say that the crowds were moderate. It was a good night to visit since it was manageable. The maze waits were mostly short, but some of the rides still had extremely long waits. I think the quality is there with Scary Farm, but much like Knott's itself, it doesn't work well on days with huge crowds. I think the best thing is just to expand and add more capacity with more good mazes. Also, improving ride ops and adding high capacity rides is something that the park needs to work on for both Scary Farm and throughout the rest of the year.

I think this was overall a really great year for Scary Farm. I definitely liked it much more than last year since I thought the new mazes this year were far better than the new mazes from 2018.