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Lawsuit Accusing VB's Puihi of Head Injury to Teen

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At least the lifeguard was there and did a great job.
In the end this ride has gone down so many times, just like the ET ride the other day. Sure if there is a malfunction I can see a claim valid...but this is Murica and the slide could have collapsed and killed her if it would fall over so I'm sure all damage said she experienced is all kind of true.
I rode this last week and felt very unsafe. Felt like I could fall off the raft at any time. I won't be riding this one again. I think if they changed the raft it would be better. JMO Not saying the lawsuit is a good idea just that I can see something bad happening.
On a slightly off topic note, I went on a similar ride in Wisconsin Dells (Wilderness), and right before the drop one of my friend's swimsuit bottoms was falling down. She only just got her hands back on the handles before we entered the bowl.

Look back on that ride, it had only four seats, and the bottom was not only a larger hole, but also didn't have that bottom layer. If it is just a matter of a bad tube design, that's easy enough (and relatively cheap, in comparison to other alternatives) to swap out.
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Just watched a video of that ride. Kinda gross how like 4-5 peoples feet have to just kinda... squish together. Looks like such a crappy design, needs a bit more space.