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I have officially returned! I’m going to be making a partially prediction list but partially wish list at the same time for HHN 30. I will be making it based on Legacy’s leaks and major speculation and as well as my own ideas. And in true Legacy fashion, I have 4 picture clues! They are each either for a scare zone, IP house, all new original house and a returning original but I won’t say which is which! This is probably going to take forever to write so I gave some hints to what I have in store.....26FB96B4-0B51-4DDF-B999-B622EDE57BB9.jpeg8BB65303-3425-44D6-B049-CD4F0C571BCB.jpeg8DACF096-12EA-419C-BD29-9FF7B84EF488.jpeg73ACEB87-84D3-4B9F-8098-7DEBB69409EA.jpeg
Halloween Horror Nights 30: Dream A Little Nightmare

Shudder's Creepshow: Volume 2
(CreepShow Tent)

The Boys: Welcome To Vought Industries.
(Killer Klowns Tent)

Friday The 13: The Return Of Jason Voorhees
(FMTWM tent)

SoundStage 28: Lon Chaney's Revenge!
(SoundStage 747)

Zombie-land: The Rules Of The Apocalypse
(WW Queue)

Gorillaz: A Psychological Nightmare
(Ghostbusters Tent)

Doctor Sleep: Return To The Overlook Hotel
(Parisian Courtyard)

Uncle Bobby's Slaughter Arena: Kill or Be Killed!
(Us Tent)

HHN: The Vault Of Many Nightmares
(Pandora Tent)
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I’m really lazy to write a full treatment on this maze but it’s an interesting concept I thought of, so it is.

HHN Presents: Animals Of Horror!
Featuring some of horror’s deadliest animals from:

- The Great White Shark from Jaws
- St Bernard Dog from Cujo
- The birds from The Birds
- The Giant Ants from THEM
- The Giant Anaconda from Anaconda
- The Giant Aligator from Lake Placid
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I’m really lazy to write a full treatment on this maze but it’s an interesting concept I thought of, so it is.

HHN Presents: Animals Of Horror!
Featuring some of horror’s deadliest animals from:

- The Great White Shark from Jaws
- St Bernard Dog from Cujo
- The birds from The Birds
- The Giant Ants from THEM
- The Giant Anaconda from Anaconda
- The Giant Crocodile from Lake Placid
Lack of Sharknado is disappointing.
So my next haunt is um....
Ik it´s weird to announce another haunt after saying what the next one was, but after the Minecraft haunt, Imma do a haunt y´all might like...I won´t say it yet, but here´s a pretty big hint for it.
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Ik it´s weird to announce another haunt after saying what the next one was, but after the Minecraft haunt, Imma do a haunt y´all might like...I won´t say it yet, but here´s a pretty big hint for it.

Why'd ye spill yer beans...

Edit: What would people think about a Bong joon-ho maze? Facade and first scene or two could be Parasite (Oh Geun-sae with blood running down his face and going into THAT part of the house), and then the rest of the maze could be split between Snowpiercer (different train cars and the goggled warriors with torches as the scareactors) and The Host (various puppet scares in the sewer along with a scene in the military lab)?
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H A L L O W E E N H O R R O R N I G H T S 31th
Welcome To Hawthorne Asylum.

UCM: The Invisible Man- FMTWM TENT

Psycho: A Black and White Nightmare -CREEPSHOW TENT

A24's 3 Chilling Tales Of Madness -ST SOUNDSTAGE
(The Lighthouse)

The Slaughterhouse: Leatherface's Revenge - MUMMY QUEUE

The Forest: A Walk into Hell - GHOSTBUSTERS TENT

Urban Legends: The Devil's Den - US TENT

Clive Barker's Candyman: Say His Name - PANDORA TENT

The Evil Dead: Ash's Madness - PARISIAN COURTYARD

Hawthorne Asylum: A Psychological Nightmare - WW QUEUE

The Walking Dead: A Comic Book Hellscape - TWD BUILDING

Welcome To Hawthorne Asylum - Park Entrance
Hawthorne Asylum: New Depravity City - New York
They Live: Welcome To Los Angeles - Pets Place
Evil Dead 2: Boom Kill Repeat - French St.
The Disturbing Mind Of Clive Barker - Lower Lot
S.S.S MURDY: Blood On The High Seas - Springfield
Rob Zombie's Undead Concert - Tunnel

The Joker's War: No More Heroes - Backlot Gauntlet

Bill And Ted's Most Triumphant Return - Special Effects Stage
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Halloween Horror Nights: Fear Takes Many Forms

Friday The 13th: Jason Lives! - Killer Klowns Tent

Joe Bego's Double Feature Of Gore - WaterWorld Queue
-Bone Tomahawk

Netflix's The Haunting Of Hill House - ST Soundstage

Urban Legends: Tis The Madness Of Polybius - Pandora Tent

From Dusk Till Dawn: A Blood-Filled Massacre - Us Tent

Hawthorne Asylum: Total Darkness - Parisian Square

Dark Minds: Inside The Mind Of Tom Savini - Creepshow Tent

South Park: Kenny's Horrible Journey to Hell! - Frankenstein Tent

Blumhouse's Halloween Kills - GB Tent

The Freezer: A Cold Dark Nightmare - Flex Space


World War 666: Satan's Rampage - Park Entrance

The Drive-in: A Grindhouse Marathon - New York St.

Scream: Ghostface's Revenge - Pets Place.

Hawthorne Asylum: Chaos Rising - French St.

Rob Zombies 3 From Hell - Springfield

UCM: A Legacy Of Horror - Lower Lot

ToXXXic Tunnel: The Final Chapter - Tunnel

Freaks: Invasion Of The Skin-Snatchers - Backlot Gauntlet


Bill And Ted's Excellent Reunion Tour! - Special Effects Stage

Tom Savini's Bloody Special Effects - Animal Actors Stage

Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash: The Rematch Of The Century - WaterWorld Stage
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I have a maze treatment based on an experimental music group named Amnesia Scanner

Amnesia Scanner's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

the facade would be a brutalist warehouse similar to the picture down below but on a much smaller scale and realistic proportions, several monitors will be on the facade showing various types of images and videos

Brutalist Architecture - Album on Imgur2560 × 1920

the images and videos will be displayed on large monitors but will have no sound input, images shown will be listed down below (all of these are from various designs and videos they have published)

AMNESIA SCANNER BATCH 1549287541 - Album on Imgur1000 × 1000

AS - amnesia scanner - Coub640 × 360
Amnesia Scanner - Another Life : fakealbumcovers1600 × 1600
Meet Amnesia Scanner, The Duo Creating Some Of The Most ...610 × 341
Amnesia Scanner, il fattore transumano | Il giornale della musica1200 × 1200

The music being played in the entrance will be this

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continued post:

As you enter into the factory the smell of concrete rushes your nose and discomfort arises from the lifeless corridor of concrete, this man shows up known as the Greeter similar to the pandora's box entrance. the man will open the concrete wall that will transport you to the modern world in a corrupt and post-industrial aesthetic
Amnesia Scanner's 'Anesthesia Scammer' live in Berlin: A trip down ...1800 × 1200
(The Greeter)

you are then transported to a small art warehouse where several pieces of disturbing art are being stored but the catch is that those paintings have manifested the physical world and now roam the warehouse as vile creatures creatures
the warehouse will be filled with various paintings and sculptures and large boxes and will take up three rooms with the plastic curtains dividing them, the room will be filled with a red glare and fog hiding the monstrosities that lurk the warehouse several scare actors will be hiding behind these boxes with trigger scares
ICA ASSOCIATES NTS RADIO present Amnesia Scanner | Institute of ...655 × 455
Amnesia Scanner - AS LIVE TONIGHT @ BROOKLYN STEEL, NYC... | Facebook916 × 960Amnesia Scanner - AS Sane - YouTube1280 × 720
(several paintings in the warehouse)

in the first room, there will be several sculptures lining the sides similar to theses
From Cool to Creepy: 40 Chilling Modern Day Sculptures | Urbanist468 × 330
some of these will be scare actors and will approach you for a scare as you walk along them

the second room will be filled with the canvass of various paintings listed above and a scare actor will come out of these canvases with a trigger scare the look of the scare actors will be inspired by these sculptures listed bellow

Sculptures of post-apocalyptic people in disturbing situations ...811 × 430

the third room will be more similar to a gauntlet or a scare zone with scare-actors listed above roaming around the area as it will be a much larger room. a come back of the masquerade scare actors from 2014 will be in this part of the maze

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Voters Have Spoken ...768 × 1189

the music played in this part of the maze
Finally someone posts here xd. Also, I don't know when my Doom haunt will be finished, so like, you guys can do whatever.
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Ok so I have literally teased so many cancelled projects that I have later scrapped so here’s one that isn’t scrapped finally. I wanted this year to have a very different tone from the previous years, so I picked some pretty absurd things.

Icon: The Siren Queen
Tagline: Horror has reached new depths!

- Poppe The Performer - Shrek Theater
- Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared - Soundstage
- Creepshow (The first movie specifically) - Parade Building

- Legendary Truth: Dungeon Of Terror -The legendary truth examines the abandoned dark ride, dungeon of terror, 15 years after the tragic fire. But will you be able to tell the difference between the fake horrors and the real? - Cafe La Bamba

- Glitched Out - Venture into the world of the deep web where bizarre CGI cartoon characters and the unpredictability of this world drives you to insanity. - MIB Tent

- Scary Tales: Terror TV - Venture into a world where classic tv series are turned and twisted into nightmarish realm. There’s no turning the channel here... - Sprung Tent

- Dark Beaches (Icon House) - You won’t want to dip your toes in these sands. Follow a fishing company hunt for a mysterious siren that has been terrorizing this small town for centuries. - Soundstage

- Evil Atlantis (Icon House) - Venture into the lost city of Atlantis, now taken over by the Siren Queen and her army. - Soundstage

- Treaks And Foons - Venture into the zany colorful world of the Foons. But watch out while you’re playing, as those mouths are big for a reason... - Soundstage

- The Horrors of Willy Wonka - Journey through this classic tale in your greatest imagination- I mean- Your greatest nightmares. - Sprung Tent

Scare Zones
Just like the Terra Queen, every scare zone is connected to the Siren Queen’s story.
- Siren Queen Throne Room - Gawk in awe and horror at the horrifying Siren Queen in her throne, while her court will defend her at any cost. - Avenue of the Stars.

- Battle of the Seas - Get caught in a gruesome war between the original civilians of Atlantis and the the Siren Queen’s invading army. - New York

- Marina Under Siege - The Siren Queen has sent a troop of land clobbers to land, which are horrific beasts that can live in water and on land. The land clobbers have risen in a old marina and will attack anything in their path. - San Francisco

- Royal Undersea Cemetery - Venture inside a graveyard like you’ve never seen before where undead sirens who have lead the troop in the past wait to draw their last blood. - Central Park

- The Queen’s Colosseum - The Siren Queen has built her very own colosseum where her mightiest warriors show their strength by using it on captured humans. - Hollywood

The chainsaw hordes will be creatures called the mangelds. Half human, half land clobber creatures that disguise themselves as full humans and attack when needed.

Please give feedback!
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