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Most Anticipated Hoarde?

Which Street Experiences are you looking forward to?

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The man with the master plan
Premium Member
Feb 11, 2010
Miami, FL
I voted Prisoners...cause I'm a guy :look:...but personally looking forward to Traditionals...I have a feeling a lot of old characters we love and know will be here..


Dec 1, 2009
I voted walkers since the main reason I didint want to miss the event this year was because of the Walking Dead house and because it sounds cool to have the large group of characters all together like they describd. They said the walkers were going to come very 45 minutes on 1 of the videos and have 42 people or zombies.
Sounds like an interesting photo op to me.


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
I'm going to have to go with Traditionals based solely off of the concept and the hype around them. As for the scariest, I'm sure the prisoners will end up winning that category for me.