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Most Anticipated House

What's Your Most Anticipated House of HHN 22

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Jun 2, 2010
St. Cloud, FL
Rank the houses for HHN 22 in order from most anticipated to least (suprised this topic hadn't been made already lol).

1. Gothic
2. Silent Hill
3. Penn and Teller: Newkd Las Vegas
4. Dead End
5. Universal's House of Horrors
6. The Walking Dead: Dead Inside
7. Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare


Feb 11, 2010
Orlando, FL
1. Universal's House of Horrors
2. Gothic
3. Dead End
4. Silent Hill
5. Penn and Teller: Newkd Las Vegas
6. Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare
7. The Walking Dead: Dead Inside

I'm so excited! :D

Octobers Fade

DEAD inside
Premium Member
Jul 10, 2010
NoRemorse Cemetery
Houses most anticipated
Dead End
Universal's House of Horrors
The Walking Dead: Dead Inside
Penn and Teller: Newkd Las Vegas
Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare
Silent Hill

Houses I hope to tour
Dead End
Universal's House of Horrors


Aug 12, 2009
1. Dead End (Upside 1/Downside 3)
2. Silent Hill (Upside 1/Downside 4)
3. Gothic (Upside 1/Downside 4
4.Penn and Teller: Newkd Las Vegas (Upside 3/Downside 5)
5.Universal's House of Horrors (Upside 2/Downside 7)
6.The Walking Dead: Dead Inside (Upside 4/Downside 6)
7. Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (Upside 3/ downside 7)

Upside= If all goes well what it could be
Downside= If all goes wrong what it could be.

Rankings are completely subjective...just how strong I think the concepts are and how good/bad I think the execution could be.
Like P&T sounds amazing...but I've never been that amazed by the comedy houses. I love comedy, but I can't see it being house of the year.
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Jan 16, 2012
1. Penn and Teller
2. Gothic
3. Universal's House of Horrors
4. Dead End
5. Silent Hill
6. Alice Cooper
7. The Walking Dead


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
1) Penn and Teller - 3D was pulled off incredibly last year, the video teaser looked insane, and I love everything about the concept.
2) Gothic - The early comments and released photos have put this house pretty high on my list.
3) Alice Cooper - Based off of the HHN Hollywood house's hype from last year and the fact that it looks brilliant.
4) Dead End - Very interesting concept and could be great.
5) Silent Hill - Very excited based off of what I've seen involving the franchise and how it could be implemented.
6) Universal's House of Horrors - Seems like a very exciting concept, but it's not blowing me away just yet. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being my sleeper hit.
7) The Walking Dead - I've never watched the show or read the comics. It still seems like an awesome house, but I have very little invested in it at this time.

Surprisingly enough, I don't think there's one bad house on the lineup based off of what we've seen thus far. They all look very promising and I'm stoked. :thumbs:


Jul 1, 2010
1) Universal House of Horrors (done right this could be a top house ever)
2) Gothic (early reports suggest they nailed it)
3) Penn & Teller Newkd Las Vegas (I'm a sucker for the dark humor houses, and P&T are masters at dark humor)
4) Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (if you grew up in the 70s and saw him on The Muppet Show, you'd understand)
5) Dead End (could go either way--no sure about use of the vortex, may live or die based on the cast)
6) Silent Hill (not familiar with the game, but the rave reviews and, let's be honest, the previews of the nurses have me intrigued--hoping there's a storyline novices can follow as well, tho)
7) The Walking Dead (the strength of the show is its characters, not its cliched zombies; also given the promotion and isolated location, I expect this will have the longest lines)

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
I will be adding a dedicated section to houses and favorite street experiences later. Was late (obviously) when everything was released, and was already tired.

Roll N Fear

Premium Member
Feb 1, 2008
Lake Worth
Thanks TBad!

1. House of Horrors - Expecting the best of the best from this one.
2. Gothic - 16 foot ceilings and early reports bump this one to the top of my list.
3. Silent Hill - It's no Resident Evil but has potential
4. Dead End - Not sure what to expect from this one but a SS always makes everything better.
5. Penn & Teller - Probably has the best chance of moving up high on my list but for now it will stay towards the middle.
6. The Walking Dead - Earthquake queue kills this one on my list.
7. Alice Cooper - This house makes no sense to me and just seems goofy. I'd rather they use a more current rock icon.... Marilyn Manson. Nothing is scarier than seeing that man in the "boob suit".


Jul 7, 2010
1. Penn & Teller - A 3D comedy house in a location that generally favors more intense scares? Sounds like a winner.
2. Gothic - An original concept to say the least. Best guess for theatrical winner.
3. House of Horror - A return to the classic monsters is certainly exiting. This, coupled with the B&W style sounds exiting. Best guess for 'Fun' house.
4. Dead End - The one I'm least certain about, but you give me a proper haunted house, and I'll probably love it.
5. Welcome to my Nightmare - I'm not a fan of Alice Cooper's music so I don't see the appeal, but with rave reviews from Cali and a prime location, I'm optimistic. Contender for Most intense.
6. Welcome to Silent Hill - Exited that Universal is open to doing Houses based on Video Games, but I've never played the games so I have no opinion. (If not for TWD, I'd say Left 4 Dead was Made to be a house.)
7. The Walking Dead - I'm not sure how well it will translate. Also, Current wait time: Two hours.


Veteran Member
Jan 22, 2008
Orlando, FL
1. Gothic
2. Penn & Teller
3. Dead End
4. House of Horrors
5. Silent Hill
6. The Walking Dead
7. Alice Cooper


Premium Member
Feb 15, 2010
The Mushroom Kingdom
1. Gothic - Sets and effects sound absolutely AMAZING.
2. Penn & Teller - Love these guys, and I love the 3-D from In-Between.
3. Dead End - Concept sounds terrific.
4. House of Horrors - I'm interested to see how the flashes/DE-type house ends up.
5. Silent Hill
6. Alice Cooper
7. The Walking Dead - Meh


Jan 11, 2012
1) Penn & Teller
2) Dead End
3) Alice Cooper
4) Gothic
5) Universal House Of Horrors
6) Thr Walking Dead
7) Universal House Of Horrors
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aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
1. Gothic
2. Penn & Teller
3. Alice Cooper
4. Dead End
5. Walking Dead
6. House of Horrors
7. Silent Hill