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Feb 1, 2008
Sanford, FL
According to some fan sites that had representatives at the D23 Expo, there are a lot of big changes in store for Disney Parks involving the Muppets.

For Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disneyland, we will be receiving a remastered version of MuppetVision 3D, in Disney Digital 3D. Also coming to the parks will be receiving something called the Electric Mayhem Mobile Band as well as the Muppets Whatnots Shops. Rumors are abound that Muppet Mobile Labs may return to Disney's Hollywood Studios as well.
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So what's being changed about the film itself? Just better picture?

I never saw it firsthand, but saw a vid of it. The mobile lab thing looks pretty cool.
So what's being changed about the film itself? Just better picture?

Remastering a video generally means to better improve a movie's picture, and sound. Anyways, I'm glad to see Muppetvison get a makeover. It is much needed at this point.
I love that it is getting some TLC because it really deserves it to get the effects back in shape and the picture quality back to glory.

The thing that worries me is the 'new preshow.'

The Preshow as it is was created very carefully by Henson himself and imagineers in a neat way. For those who have not seen it this could be a spoiler I guess.

Often times preshows just have many screens showing the same image from one source, Muppet Vision's preshow has many monitors but they all act as a camera if you will. Sometimes they appear to the show same thing and then just end up making you realize they are entirely different for the sake of a joke.

Muppets and their humor in that form are timeless.
More information from @LiveWDWUpdates:
According to the (really nice) CM outside of Muppets, all the seats have been removed for carpet replacement. They will be restoring FX too
that is the kind of thing I do want out of a refurb. Effects restored to their full glory would be wonderful. Many of them are often so weak in recent years.
Is there any word of new effects? Glad to see its converting to Disney Digital 3D as well.
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