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"Old School" Universal Orlando

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Jan 22, 2008
Orlando, FL
Over the past few years Universal Studios has made quite a few transitions. With a new age comes new attractions, new themes, and new fans. Lots of people love all the new things to do and the new films and TV shows that are being used, but what about the group of old school fans?

This thread is to post any pictures or videos you may have or find about some of the classic Universal Studios attractions. Whether it be current attractions like JAWS or E.T. or old school favorites like Hanna Barbara, Kong, or Hitchcock.

Let me start it off with this gem. Today, Universal looks absolutely nothing like this. It's amazing how things evolve over time.

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Here is a great video for anyone interested in Universal when it first opened. Here's the description: "Universal Studios Florida - a 1990 Tour by Martin

Universal Studios 1990 - a tour. Includes the original park layout, clips of The Ghostbusters attraction, Phantom of the Opera Make Up, original Tram Tour, Bates Motel, original Hard Rock Cafe and more. Lots of concept art and aerial shots, and multi camera full ridethrus of Earthquake, King Kong and ET. Also includes the full, unedited ORIGINAL Jaws ride (what was working) and a multi camera edit of the Dynamite Nights Stunt Show on the lagoon during the day, and also the night time version too."

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This picture kills me. How did they divert traffic/parking back then for Citywalk and IOA? Were they built at the same time along with the parking garages? Anyone remember the construction in the 90's?

Well, they didn't. IOA did not part its gates Until 1999. It was part of an expansion project which included Citywalk. Also, the garages were constructed right when IOA was completed I believe...
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From OrlandoRocks.com



Ok... is that the bridge to IOA and the canal to Royal Pacific looking towards the US arch behind the crane? The bridge looks larger in this picture I know... but they back filled a lot for landscaping later on.

Edit... I had a big problem reconciling this because of the major construction in the center of said canal... but those are the support structures for hollywood way in the center of the canal in the foreground I think. Hollywood way has two separate two-lane bridges.
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This thread is awesome.....

All very interesting stuff........ I'm so bummed I never got to see the Bates house or the Hitchcock exhibit. Psycho is my favorite film ever.
I remember going to Orlando when they were Building Universal. I remember the Psycho House being seen from I-4. I remember when the entrance was different, I don't remember if the parking garage was there when I first went or not.

I remember seeing the story in USA today about Universal and how it was going to hurt Disney(still waiting on that 20 years later) I actually went to USF when it first opened Jaws was not working, We did ET and the make up show, Ghost Busters was not doing a show that day. There was not a lot when it first opened. I didn't go back again till Halloween Horror Nights in 1997. I want to say Terminator was the Big new ride that year. We actually did all the Haunted House saw 2 parades and did all the rides that were open,,,and left at 1 am,,lol

It has changed a lot since that first time I went yet the irony I went to IOA during there sneak previews in 99 and it hasn't changed much at all,,lol
I wish I was old enough during those times but I was 6. I love Universal now, but I never got to ride any of the originals that were taken down.

My first ever visit was Christmas 2003 when I was 10. When I found out Kong was out...I was so sad about it. And the worst part was watching almost 5 years to finally ride Mummy. Keep up the great pictures guys.