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Old Theme Park Rumors Discussion

Parkscope Joe

aka TestTrack321
Feb 15, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
So after yesterday's showing of how rumors are easily created, I was wondering what old theme park rumors you remember from back in the day that never happened. I remember the CAVE ride system Villains ride that would replace GMR and the constant rumors a permanent haunt was coming to USF.
Off the top of my head...

Jonas Brothers RNR
Arendelle Toontown Replacement
A billion Tomorrowland replacements

It's kind of hard to think of salient older ones since a lot of the historical rumors were confirmed to actually be in development. Van Helsing, Pokémon, Zelda, Lorax trackless, SLOP trackless, Atlantis Submarine Voyage, Fire Mountain, trackless Villain-Con, Iron Man IOA, all the dropped Jurassic concepts, all of those have some kind of corroboration via permits or concept art. The rumor is more so whether these projects were in blue sky or active development.
I think a few of these were legitimately planned and some may be a bit more recent, but here are some that I remember flying around over the years. Crazy to think that the DHS and New Fantasyland redos are around 10 years old.

- Monsters Inc. suspended coaster based on the Door System Chase scene.
- Dumbo revamp of Barnstormer for New Fantasyland Storybook Circus.
- Game of Thrones house at HHN29
- A ton of Disney Channel RnRC rethemes. PerceptiveCoot threw out Jonas Brothers, but I recall Hannah Montana also being a big rumor.
- Carsland at Hollywood Studios
- Wreck It Ralph VR replacing Stitch
- Wonders of Life, just generally haha.
- Kong replacing Disaster
- Paint The Night to WDW about a million times
- Velocicoaster plot was rumored going to get an RMC at one point
- Brazil to Epcot
- The many projects Disney has actually announced and then cancelled.
- Speedway retheme to TRON and going electric
- Tokyo BATB ride to come to France Pavilion (this was in serious contention and Rat won out)

Avatar was taking over T23D at Universal Hollywood.
This was definitely a real thing. Disney beat them out by offering Cameron a land. Sort of a reverse Potter.
Some others:
  • The original: Haunted Mansion at DL was too scary so DIsney had to close it to redo it hence the delay
  • Mission:Space is just a Superman SFMM clone with turns
  • Fire Mountain (real!) and Villain Mountain (also real!)
  • Various incarnations of Beastley Kingdomme
  • WWE hall of fame/restaruant at UOR
  • Australia in DAK with Soarin