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Old Town

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Something that I thought was really cool was right before you go upstairs there was this picture with some haunt icons on it. Leatherface, Freddy, Jason....and JACK! No kidding. Go the house and check it out.
It was a entertaining little haunt, however, we did the house on the Hauntcon Tour and I am sure it was way understaffed at 8:00 in the morning.
It was kinda understaffed at 8pm on a Monday too. There couldn't have been more than 2 actual actors doing the scaring if not just one. Which means that guy gets even more kudos from me.
Thanks for the reviews, everyone. I've walked by the Haunted Grimm House dozens of times and I always consider checking it out. Now that I know it's worth a visit, I may check it out during my next visit. :thumbs:
From Screamscape:
The wave swing at the front of Old Town appears to have been listed as being for sale at the UsedRides.com website. That’s a prime location for a new very visible new ride if they plan it out right, so I’ve got to wonder what they may have planned.
The price list for the rides at Old Town can be found at the following link. Not sure is the "Super Shot" and the "Wave Swinger" are the sky coaster and the sling shot though. If so, they aren't to expensive. http://www.old-town.com/Rides/RidesInfo.html

Not sure about the sling shot, but the Skycoaster is part of Fun Spot next door. Prices are $40 for a single rider, $35 each for two or $30 each for three.
Wow, the new ride at Fun Spot America is insane looking:

Meh, it's just a different manufacturer's production of a HUSS Frisbee that goes all the way upside down, basically. I've been on a similar, non-inverting version at a county fair, and while they do run a little faster (because they have a decently smaller swing radius), the feeling wasn't all that different from maXair or Delirium. I imagine this wouldn't be much worse, if at all, compared to those two rides. Maybe I'll have to head over and give it a spin sometime.