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Once a lurker...


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2016
Hey everyone! Evan here. Been a long time member of many boards over the years, and decided to finally join up here!!

Some history of myself, as I can be quite opinionated and don't want to seem like some newbie who's off his rocker.

I first fell in love with theme parks when I was 10 (2001), on my first trip to Disneyland... What created the addiction? Fantasmic. That show blew away my 10 year old mind. A couple years later, older me was like.. "wait, what was that show??" and low and behold the internet brought me into Theme Park fandom/message boards.

I'm a west coast Canadian.. so what brings me all the way to this Orlando message board?

Well I always dreamed of working at Disneyland... which is impossible for a Canadian... but back in 2013 I was able to land an ICP gig at Magic Kingdom, and worked/lived in Orlando for a summer. Had an AP to Universal Orlando, and fell in love with the theme parks and people of Orlando, so much show I came back the following summer for a week while my AP to Universal was still valid!

Flash forward to 2017, and truly missing my friends/experiences I had in Orlando... So, here I am, ready to dive into many a discussion, and hopefully lots of fun differing opinions.

See you guys on the boards!