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Park Entrance Refurb


Dec 24, 2017
USH was closed for about 13 months. Why, on the day they opened, would they decide to do construction right in front of the turnstiles. The statue is surrounded by a wall and you are greeted by an 8 foot wall that blocks the view of the main entrance into the park.
Aug 1, 2018
Los Angeles
Watching a video they mentioned re-doing the pavers in the entrance. Not sure if that is speculation. As of why wait? It’s universal they want to give the guests the full experience including never ending construction walls.
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Jun 27, 2017
Yeah its been there for over a month

Its sooo funny to me the things they didn't work on until AFTER they opened, lol

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
While I get why it's not ideal to have this going on as the park reopens, you gotta understand - USH whittled their workforce down to the extreme minimum. They went into overdrive to rehire and bring back TMs from furlough once the opening timeframe became clearer. There's a reason the term "unprecedented" gets thrown around...


Jun 27, 2017
See but here's the thing. I am happy they are trying to get TMs back buttttt why the heck didn't they try to do anything during Covid? Knotts since the end of last summer had events they just had one tasting event after CA reopened (kinda)

I just can't be happy with CEO's who get paid millions but can't get creative/communicate with local leaders on how they can run a business. If I was running Universal theme parks, I would have literally flown out to USH meet with the Governor and local leaders and found a way to open somehow. I might have even brought in TMs and told Newson to tell them to their faces your businesses can stay open but we can't even if we have signs and open air areas?
Once again happy TMs are coming back they are great but higher up leadership is who failed them in the first place.

I know many will say budgets...yeah yeah yeah your charging full price for ticket and 28 bucks on top of that to park. Also letting people buy express tickets and make the lines longer for everyone just giving them the same energy back