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Picture of the Day - Orlando

:yikes: Awesome shots. Was this during the Happiest Celebration on Earth?

Yes. I took those pictures in early January 2006 when I was there for my honeymoon.

Here are some pictures from Spectromagic that night:



Good shots. It's hard getting pics not blurry with all those lights.
Those are the shots that didn't come out blurry. I have many more that did (and portions of those shots are still blurry). I have my digital camera set on the "night" setting to increase the exposure time - I found that using the flash just ruined the pictures. Then, I would move my camera along as the float moved by, trying to keep the 2 at the same pace. Fortunatlye, it worked well for many shots and I was highly pleased.
yea...i always have a problem with the spectromagic picture. but i have used your ideas before and get better pictures. digital cameras have a tough time taking pictures with lots of lights. i never noticed regular cameras has a problem. but then again now we all take 5 times the number of pictures.

One other think that helped was getting a tripod. :)
You know, I forgot about that last night when I came home. I was out getting stuff for my vacation next week. :thumbs: Ill put them up when I get home tonight.
Night pics are so amazing when they turn out good, but it's hard to get them right, especially with all those lights.

Another great lagoon shot, upov!
Ah, that picture brings back memories. The exit of ROTM is in that area, correct? And same with that Italian Pizza Shop resteraunt?
Ahh, good times at that Hard Rock. SO many fries and wings ate their! I can't believe Universal let something stay built, even if its hidden and decaying. Usually they just knock down everything. So this is behind the kid zone?

Yea, right next to the Nuthouse Coaster.