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Picture of the Day - Orlando


Premium Member
Aug 19, 2009
Palm Beach Gardens
even better!
We've all seen hundreds of photos of the dragon, this is easily one of the best. Well done!

Thank you both very much. Love taking pics of the dragon, just one of things I always end up photographing every single visit

You always have such great images, do you do much processing or just set up the shot you want? I only snap a phone.

Sorry, just now saw this.

Typically I don't do much processing, really takes me about 2 minutes to go through my basic workflow for each photo. I don't have the time, patience or really the expertise to go through and start messing with layers, masks, etc in Photoshop or replacing skies and such, but have in past to play around.

For the Portofino photo I propped the camera on the wall (my dumb@$$ forgot my tripod that trip) and shot in bracket mode in camera and then ran through the HDR feature in Lightroom. I try to pay attention to the histogram with almost all the pictures I take and then once in Lightroom I have a bunch of presets Ill use first to see if any of those applied to the photo will work. If not ill go through an adjust some things myself and then post.

I did go through a few years where I used Nik Color Efex to add some detail but have haven't really used it much the past few years since ive been happy with the results straight out of Lightroom.
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