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Rivers of Light General Discussion and Photos


Jul 12, 2009
NJ -> Orlando
I really enjoyed it back in its original form and with the live performers. It was pretty and relaxing and the music was nice. It made sense in DAK. But they had grand plans for the tech that never panned out, so it was missing some spectacle, which is a real shame.

Then it went downhill fast when they cut the performers and did that awful, awful Lion King overlay. So I can’t say I’m too upset. Or even all that surprised.

I hope Disney doubles down. There were some parts of RoL that really worked, and hopefully a new show will come in with a similar spirit. DAK has been getting so close to being a complete park, it’d be a shame to see them take a step backward.


Veteran Member
Dec 14, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
When we walked past it in November, on our way to the very good upcoming Tree of Life Holiday Show, we stopped and watched from the bridge. Not many things in Disney or Universal that I don't like. I'm easy to please.
But that was, by far, the most boring show I've ever seen. Forgettable except for how bad it was. ....It's in my Hall of Shame along with Fear Factor Live, F&F, Stitch, and Primevil World.

Well, look at it like this. Three of the four attractions in your Hall of Shame have been shuttered. So, you can clean out their lockers.


Dec 13, 2009
The music was so good. The show had so much potential but it felt like they never knew what they wanted it to be. A show about conservation or a celebration of Disney animals? They needed to pick a lane.

what they need to do is bring the WoC tech from DCA. But that costs money so that’s not happening anytime soon.
Yes, it was positioned as a deep show that really didn't have much to say

I've said before that they really should have just gone the route of the ToL projection shows...Those are tight narratives with beautiful score and pure storytelling.

Rivers always felt like someone who really liked the animal portion of IllumiNations, but didn't understand how it fit into the rest of the show


Veteran Member
Feb 25, 2014
When it came to the original RoL, while it definitely had it's issues (eg. showing it's hand too early and having nowhere to go), it did have it's fans. Also, it had a few concepts which showed potential such as the layered projections.

But then came the newer version which took out elements which had potential such as the layered projections and replaced it with horrible transitions and inserting IP clips with no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

I won't be missing the show, but it's gonna' sting probably not having anything in the amphitheater for a while.