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SeaWorld San Diego


Jul 16, 2013
Death Star
Here are some photos from a trip to Sea World I took a couple of days ago.

Alligator Gar


Shark Encounter




Sand Tiger Shark


Penguin Encounter(there are rumors of this becoming Antarctica form Orlando)


Madagascar Live! Operation Vacation(I remember when Madagascar was at Universal)


Turtle Reef


Wild Arctic




Polar Bear was scratching his back


Journey to Atlantis




Animal Connections



I wish Universal would put concept art of an upcoming attraction on the construction walls

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I'm suprised they still haven't replaced that Penguin Encounter building. I remember walking through there 8-9 years ago. Maybe I'm just used to Universal constantly evolving?? :p
SeaWorld is a great park, but there are some seriously outdated sections. I'm sure the same could be said for Universal, but Penguin Encounter spawned the same "is this a public library/LAX" thoughts in my head as I went into the building.

I know we sometimes rag on Universal for being cheap, but if you take a closer look, you'll see some serious cash being spent on technical equipment. Knott's, SeaWorld and especially Six Flags are a tier below.
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But Knott's Berry Farm is looking beautiful now. Cedar Fair is seriously investing in their parks this ear
But Knott's Berry Farm is looking beautiful now. Cedar Fair is seriously investing in their parks this ear
That may be the case, but Disney and Universal both have the ability to outspend Cedar Fair. Attractions like Jurassic Park, Transformers and the Studio Tour as a whole were very expensive projects. You just don't get that level of attraction at other parks.

It's not a good or bad thing necessarily, but it is a different experience.
Disney and Universal are definitely the premiums (Disney, and I will argue this, is the highest tier), and offer truly innovative experiences.

Cedar Fair and Six Flags make amusement parks. Cedar Fair is slight notch above (I love what Ouimet is doing with Knott's), but still.

SeaWorld exists in the area between. They really, really want to duke it out with Disney and Universal but simply do not have the funds. Antarctica kinda nails it. They spend the most they can for an incredible, Disney-esque experience... only to find out that they couldn't purchase much more than the innovative tech Oceaneering offered them. The result was a (excuse the language) half-assed attraction that stupefies rather than amazes.
I completely agree. No one does it as well as Disney or Universal. Universal and Disney are equal in innovative rides in my eyes, with Disney being a bit better at theming (Universal is catching up). I do love them both equally.

I've visited Knotts once. It was a bad experience, one that I didn't enioy. I know it's cleaner and nicer now, but still, it lacked a lot of "umph" that Universal and Disney offer and i dont plan to go for a long time. You get what you pay for, as they say.

And it's a pity regarding Antarctica. Amazingly made land, from the rock work to the queue and ride vehicle. But the story and pacing of the ride? Laughable....which was unfortunate.
Wow, I haven't seen SeaWorld in ages despite living extremely close to it! I would totally visit if I wasn't terrified of sea life. Haha. I do remember Journey to Atlantis being super fun.
Oh it is but SeaWorld is losing sponsors and gaining a ton of flack regardless. I don't agree with the documentary, but I'm a little wary after the whole Bill and Ted incident.

Hopefully it'll blow over.
I commend SeaWorld for taking the public relations high road but unfortunately that kind of approach doesn't work in the media industry.