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Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash - General Discussion

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That's been missing for over a month now. I last rode at beginning of November and it was gone.
I use the express line because of my AP, so first time in this part of the Q for a while.

But since no one else posted about it, thought I would
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I think we would alllllll love more of these rides....I hope we get more but seems way off

USH seems to only go for E tickets or ride refreshes
Makes sense because....I don't think the ride has gone down for a period of time since it opened

I do however...think its funny how the 60th is starting off.
There were walls up aroud the Max and Duke AA's in the hopefully by this weekend or soon they will be back

Also bringing the discussion here I saw some saying USH didn't see SLOP as a success but...I've only heard good things from people I've gone on the ride with and while most days its chill once it gets a line in the afternoon it has a good line for the rest of the day. I the ride seems to be doing its job for the most part the issue with lines are most people hit the lower lot until lunch time so yeah SLOP which has a better capacity then DE or Simpsons will have a lower line...but its serving just as many if not more people then another other attraction in the upper lot besides HP
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