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Show: Academy of Villains: House of Fear

I got to watch this last night. I enjoyed it! But then again, I like shows that have dance steps in them.

My favorite part was the Dream Machine sequence. SO good and entertaining. The music went very well with it, too!
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Yep. After watching the video the hype is real. They have no need to touch this glorious show. Adding anything (especially Chance, and therefore dialogue) would absolutely ruin it.
Watched the video. They're talented, but totally not my cup of tea.

Oh well, more time for houses.

+1 ^ ^ ^

Could not see doing this more than once. Last year I saw Jack at least 6 times and if my back would have held out I would have seen the last show. This is full entertainment but just not what I want to stand to see. More blinky time for me I guess.
From the videos, I think I'm really going to like this show. That being said. It has absolutely no repeatability. One of the reasons I loved Jack was because every show was a bit different. Even on the third viewing it still seemed unique. This show by its very nature doesn't change, but, hey, let's see what happens.
Im glad about the choice of music too. The show is cool. Glad to see they changed the music they always use in other of their shows.

But i dont know if ill watch it more than once. Seems like its a one time kind of show.
The dancing is cool but it is missing a jack the clown making jokes.
It does feel like a barker would be cool.
I think chance being in it could be cool.

The dance is cool but i miss jack and his jokes
Um... It's a dance troupe. That shouldn't surprise anyone. And the entire Dream Machine sequence is only marginally "dance."
Yeah what strikes me as strange is many people watched the videos and didn't like it but now seem excited about it. I'm not seeing much of a difference between the videos of their other shows and what I was able to see from a distance last night and the videos I've seen from last night. As you said it's a dance troupe, to me that by itself doesn't make a full fledged show, it's more like one segment of a talent show expanded. I think it's probably being a little over hyped at this point, but I do intend to try to give it a fair chance as soon as I do everything else a few times first.
For me? It's an extremely well executed a produced show with choreography that FAR exceeds what's accepted as theme park dance. It's ridiculously high energy, with a visual technique that catches the eye. But that's not the only reason why I think people are praising it so highly.

It's smart. It's the smartest show I've seen any theme park present in a while, and it doesn't dumb the story down or spell stuff out for the crowd. It tells a complete, and relevant, story without dialogue, but with plenty of style and flair. Part of me expected more as far as variety acts go, but even there they cleverly explain away the limitations they have.

People complain about Universal shows being poorly written, amateur, and uninspiring. AoV is none of those things. It won't be for everyone, but trying to make something for everyone is good way to achieve mediocrity. Carnage survived on the individual performances of Jack and Chance. This doesn't suffer from that.
To be fair this isn't a Universal show, it's completely an outside act. Honestly I would take just 20 minutes of the acrobats and rock music from Carnage returns over this. This show is not even close to being in the same league as the Caranage Returns. It does have its audience though and for those who enjoy this type of stuff it's great I guess.