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Skull Island: Reign of Kong - General Discussion

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As I am in Wisconsin, I'm counting on all the locals to do the right thing if the situation arises.

Dracula's revenge continues!
Wait Kong is no longer in 3D!? Why???

Really? I would argue that Minions needs the 3D. Not crazy about 3D rides in general, but the 3D helped “sell” the ride in Minions

Cutting the 3D here is especially disappointing.

I guess it doesn't bother me as much because it's just in front of one screen in one room, like its predecessors - which didn't need 3D.
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If they're going to remove the 3D, they're also going to redo the lighting throughout the attraction (and regrade/export the ride media) to account for the change, right? Right?
Nope. Probably because there isn't anything close to a caricature. In this fictional world, it's possible that these indigenous people would worship Kong as a deity and that an elder would be the leader.
And that's fair enough. I think it might just be a personal thing.

It's possible that my reaction is less that it's explicitly "problematic" or anything, but I think it does lean a little closer to some of the tropes and visual markers that have been used in those kinds of representations in the past. Just a bit too close for my personal taste, like the Navi Headresses and dreads sold in Animal Kingdom. Harmful? Probably not. Uncomfortable? I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

But also, Kong would go from whelming to underwhelming real quick without the 3D. This would very unfortunate if it goes through. I'll be at Studios tomorrow for Mardi Gras so I'll see if anything has changed.
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