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Star Lord M&G at WDW

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Sep 22, 2011
Similar to the Doctor Strange Meet & Greet that took place throughout the month of November, this M&G will not be publicly advertised. The M&G will be in promotion of GotG, Vol. 2, so I would expect to see this pop up around April or May.

Disney Creative Entertainment is seeking Male Look-alike performers to help portray Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord from the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, at an upcoming special limited engagement at the Walt Disney World® Resort, near Orlando, FL. Performers should be local to the Central Florida area, and should be available to begin work within the next two months.

The audition is scheduled for February 23rd.

Audition Calendar & Casting Calls | Disney Auditions
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So the audition was the other day. I know a few who went out and said it was incredibly stiff competition with many flying in from out of state to audition.

Now it comes down to casting, rehearsing and then what I *assume* will be a short stint to promote GotG2 starting sometime in April, lasting roughly as long as the Doctor Strange M&G did (1 month).
Rumor is that Star Lord (and possibly Groot by his side) will be replacing Moana at the Meet & Greet location inside of One Man's Dream soon. Moana moves to Magic Kingdom on Monday I believe.
Baby Groot is kind of awesome


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Sigh Why, oh why; did they not keep the original design from a few year's ago. Or, tried to go with something like that for the better, and to improve of it.

That said, I am surprised that they are doing this again, as I would've thought that WDI would've been given hell from Universal on the contract.
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My sources tell me the Groot puppet keeps breaking daily so they are constantly taking him out for repairs. Apparently there are a lot of guest that get up to the room and when they don't see Groot they just turn around and walk out. They don't really want to meet Star Lord.
Probably why in DCA we're getting full sized Groot. (Also our Star-Lords just look infinitely better, from what I have seen in terms of casting.)