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The Disney-MGM Studios Nostalgia Thread

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Dec 7, 2009
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The park has clearly undergone more transformation since its opening day than any other park in Orlando (Universal Studios Florida has changed its attractions roster even more robustly, but the basic infrastructure and layout of opening day are basically intact), so I thought there should be a place to celebrate its "First Age" (which I'd roughly classify as anything pre Lights Motors Action, but personal mileage may vary!). Use this space to talk about favorite experiences that are no longer around, share relevant videos/photos/memories, and generally just appreciate aspects of the park that are no longer around (or have perhaps been overshadowed by all the changes).

It was not a perfect park in that initial era (and it still isn't, though it's getting closer to finally being a "full day" one), but it did a pretty remarkable job of bringing its thesis to life, and I don't think it's a coincidence that the two areas I still enjoy the most on purely an aesthetic, atmospheric level -- Hollywood Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. -- are ones steeped in that "Hollywood that never was, but always will be" approach.

To kick things off, I stumbled across this video, which apparently was produced for a local Tampa television station, and which features some excellent behind-the-scenes footage and interview clips. And it's somewhat less fluffy than the standard Disney specials tend to be (though those can be fun, too).
The Honey I shrunk The Kids play area was incredible as a kid, as was meeting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Going on Tower of Terror the year it opened as a 5 year old when it used a lap bar instead of seat belts and being in the same row as my parents scarred me for years.

I have a picture of me with Ace Ventura from when the park had a mini-show/meet & greet with him.
Wow I don't remember that at all in the park but I do remember one night my family and I ate at Hard Rock and there was an Ace Ventura live actor who was running around the restaurant the whole night doing crazy stuff. He was joking with customers and talking mannequins in the store and other stuff. I had no idea why he was there but it was great.
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Not sure why this popped into my head last night, but figured I'd share the nostalgia trip:

I visited WDW in 1997 during MK's year long 25th Anniversary (I'm obsessed with that stupid Castle Cake overlay lol). During my visit to MGM Studios, I happened to be wearing my "Welcome to Fever Swamp" Goosebumps shirt. That same day, RL Stine was at the park!! This was a huge deal for me being a Goosebumps fan. My mom gave me money & I ran as fast as I could to the small nearby bookstore in the park. I bought the Goosebumps book "Werewolf Skin". Not only did I get the book signed by RL Stine, I got a picture with him too! He honestly kinda reminded me a little bit of my 4th grade teacher, looks-wise. To make things even better, I was asked to be part of this Horrorland show for the upcoming showtime. As much as I'd cringe seeing 90s me, I wish I had video lol. It was a fanboy dream. I remember getting a hug from Cuddles the hamster afterwards! Best day ever & he's so cute! The mirror maze was "meh", but it was a fun attempt from Disney. I absolutely loved the Curly puppet in the show, obviously inspired by Crypt Keeper!

Sadly due to moving (more than once), the picture & signed book were lost :sob: But it was definitely one of my favorite WDW memories!
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