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From the Blog:

But translating The Exorcist presented us with many unique tests and questions. One big question was, “How do you adapt a film where most of the story takes place in a single bedroom?”

The answer we landed on was first to break down and assess all the visuals and moments from the film. Piece together every moment within that bedroom and examine why it was intense, scary or even vile. What textures can we reconstruct differently, sometimes in an incredibly abstract way?

The famous “pea soup” scene for instance. What if we were surrounded in the materials of the retch-covered bed? What if those layers of mattress padding literally enveloped us? And let’s be honest, traversing through a vomit-covered bed is pretty horrifying and disgusting by itself. Now add a possessed girl into the mix!
I adore this film with every fiber of my being. Its truly a horror masterpiece and a film milestone. That terrifying but sympathetic feeling you get while watching it is a feeling few can replicate, it's incredible. But for HHN? Here's my thing on it. By the sounds of it they're going for a surrealist version of it like psycho in years past with the floating eyeballs. Im worried it's gonna go too far with that concept to the point where it's kinda silly. Like going through green vomit covered mattresses with mattress monsters doesn't scream exorcist to me. I feel like we are gonna get the iconic bedroom scene with all its glory and then it'll delve into incomprehensible randomness that somehow connects with the story of the film. Also what are they gonna do about the swearing? It's one of the main traits of the devil and what made it so shocking back in the day, taking that iconic peice away is pretty lame. With it also being in a soundstage because it'll most likely have huge sets, this is gonna be a weird house for sure. To me it'll either be a surprise hit or a massive disappointment. I have faith but I don't think God can save me now ;)

Also I'm loving all these retro IPs, keep em coming!!!
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So stoked for this. Unlike the last IP choice, this one requires an imagination and the ability to take something familiar down new avenues. I assume this will be a very cerebral experience from start to finsh.

The facade is going to look beautifully haunting with the light peering through the open window with Reagan's screams in the distance. First room will most likely be one of many bedscenes broken up by Reagan's mind and end with Father Karras.

Classy choice A&D.
Love how both coasts are getting this.

Willing to bet the mattress scene will be a pea-scented, green version of that one tight scene from Insidious last year. (and will probably cause a lot of non-scenic vomit at that!)

Hope the maze does have a slow burn, creepy build like the movie.
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Wasn't there already a house recently that randomly had the face from the Exorcist in it? I wonder if that was supposed to be a clue.
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Wasn't there already a house recently that randomly had the face from the Exorcist in it? I wonder if that was supposed to be a clue.

Nah, just an easter egg. They've used the face multiple times just for effect. Most of the general populous don't even realize who it is.

THIS is exciting news! My favorite horror film of all time!

And let's not worry, there are plenty of other settings in this film besides the bedroom: the Iraqi shoe factory, Georgetown University, Dahlgren Chapel, the attic, Karras' dormitory, doctor's offices, etc. A whole plethora of visuals!

I predict this is going to be amazing!


The impression I get from Universal is that it's mainly just taking place in the house. Looks like it's gonna be a mix if real settings and "demonic" visuals translating into physical sets.