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"The Repository" VR House


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May 20, 2013
It's been going on, but a lot of the stuff is posted in the lobby for The Repository. So it's happening, but it's kind of moot, but I think they're trying to do something that isn't Repository related.

On the note of the single use expresses, I was NOT given one but so the party in front of us given them by some Team Members. When I called Guest Services to talk about my experience they ended up offering me 6 of those single use Expresses, I explained that I thought for the value 6 wasn't enough and received 9. Point being not everyone is getting those either.
I feel like guest services have really been going out of their way to make people happy this year and have been doing an excellent job.


Jun 23, 2009
Here is a rundown of what happens inside. If you plan on going do not read this. It is better to go in not knowing for the few surprises that are in store.

Once you go inside to the main experience you will be in a room with lots of artifacts upon shelves. There were two actors in this room one is the caretaker of the artifacts and the other is a military like officer. The caretaker will ask you to find some objects in the room which I’m not sure are even there. He also tells you that the order of colors are important and to remember the colors. At some point the military person will tell you it’s time and rush you out of there to a storage area.

He will leave you in a small room with some crates and vases telling you to wait and not touch anything. Not knowing an actor is hiding in the room and will surprise someone after some time passes or he is discovered. This actor is portraying a mental patient and talks in circles about keys. He will take you to the key room to get the key you need. This room is covered in keys hanging everywhere. He tells you mother has the key and you need to get it from her. He will direct you attention to a safe and tells you that you need to find the numbers. They are written on the wall above. One person in your party will open the safe to reveal a decaying head with a key inside its mouth. There is a large box in the room that the key unlock to reveal four cubes with glowing colors on one side. Upon closer inspection you will see that there are also symbols on them that represent different factions of Legendary Truth. Each person in your group is instructed to take one and then to the next room.

You will enter a laboratory with a scientist and an incapacitated person behind her in a chair. She will talk to you about your mission and to remember the colors and that order is important. I don’t know exactly why but it is to stop something from happening I think. The man behind her says something and she tases him. Then a military like person burst in, says it’s time, and grabs someone taking you down a long hallway with multiple doors.

You come to a small room where you are separated into pairs and then instructed to go to the next room. There will be two scientist type looking actors in about a 10X10 room that have the VR equipment. There is an interesting symbol in the middle of the floor that you stand on back to back with your partner. They put on your headset, take your cube, and give you a stick with your cube on the end (They don’t put the cube on the stick) so it can be your guide in the realms you are being transported to.

You go to three locations. First is a library to explore. Basically you get to walk around about a 5X5 area and use your stick, which looks like a torch now, to reveal hidden objects (If you go outside of the designated area you will see a grid in front of you so you know to move back). You can see your partner as a mask so no one will bump into one another. You will also see the other two players through a window in the room too. When your torch hits certain objects it will reveals one of the three colored symbols they appear for few seconds then fade away. At some point the room catches on fire and you are engulfed by the flames. You feel some heat and then you are on top of a very tall tower. The same thing is repeated with the same symbols to discover. The floor will start to break away and then a flock of birds swarm you. You will feel feathers hitting you and then will be in a graveyard. The same thing is repeated again using your stick to uncover the same three colored symbols. Static hooded figures will start to appear and pop up closer and closer till they are at the edge of your area and then you are brought back. They take the VR gear off and you are reunited with your group.

You will be told that in the next room there is an altar where you have to arrange your cubes in a certain order to stop whatever it is. Also another two cubes are hidden inside that you have to find. You will get two minutes to solve the room. The room is very small. It’s basically a hallway with an altar and some shelves across from it. This room is very dark and tomb like. The two cubes are right very easy to find on a shelf. There are two sets of three spots to set the cubes in. If you set them in the wrong order the altar makes a loud noise, glows red, and smoke shoots out. It reminded me of the part in The Goonies where they have to play the right keys on the piano to proceed. If you do get it right an angelic sound happens and it lights up white. We just made it because we had the orange and yellow mixed up. It was also confusing because we didn’t know what color started the sequence. If you get some of the cubes in the right spot part of the altar will light white to let you know which ones are right.

When you exit outside there is a small tent where you can watch the next groups after you try and solve the final puzzle, a photo op, and a drink stand.

I went the 1st weekend so I have heard that the VR has had some improvements. All in all I'm glad I did it but I do think it is overpriced.

Sets are top notch
Actors do a great job and there is a lot of interraction
The VR is integrated into the story

Too expensive for what you get
Graphics are not up to par on the VR
Everything feels rushed
Final puzzle is confusing
Not scary !!!

I feel that this experience doesn't go with HHN other than the LT aspect. It doesn't mesh with the event and feels very separated from it. There is very little horror during the experience.
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Aug 17, 2016
Silly question ... On the lanyard you get at the end, the icon of the keys has the initials "G. B." on it ... Anyone know what it stands for? Friends and I just did the house and are curious.
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Apr 1, 2010
York, England
My wife and I did this at 12:00 last night and actually did the whole experience as just a 2 piece, because there was absolutely no one else there and according to the staff, there hadn't been for a while... This may be because we chose a late slot or maybe because its not been very popular, who can say? I would say that I'm glad we did it by ourselves though, as we ended up 'completing' the experience and potentially wouldn't have with a couple of randomers. If you want the same result, try for a late booking.
Let me just say that my wife has NOT been a fan of the regular houses. She's done them all with me reluctantly, but she has been terrified throughout. As you sign the waiver for this thing, there was a staff member talking it through with us and she started physically shaking when he mentioned that we would not be together at certain points. In hindsight, I can see why they go through this with you, but it's definitely overkill in terms of the experiences overall intensity as whilst it's thrilling, it's not horror.
Ultimately, my wife loved it! As did I!
It made me feel like I was in my own private movie, where the consequences were real and we were in actual danger. The cast (lots of them) interactions were superb and the locations we went to were brilliant. I'm not gonna say much more than that, as you should really go into this thing fresh.
I'd say we were in and out in under 20 minutes, which you could definitely argue as being on the expensive side for $50 each. On the other hand, there are times in life when you have to treat yourself to a steak instead of a cheeseburger and as a HHN fan, I am so glad we experienced it!
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