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Tokyo Disneyland Resort

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Not surprised in the slightest that Tokyo is getting a Frozen attraction. I hope Disneyland gets one as well. But watch the one in Tokyo be completely original compared to the upcoming Orlando version.
while we we're sleeping, TokyoDisney announced 'New Fantasyland' and it seems there is a mystery area coming to TokyoDisneysea. SmallWorlds going to be moved, Frozen attraction is confirmed and that Toontown is still going to be there.
They're going to move It's a Small World? How does that work? Has any park ever moved a major attraction like that before?
I....just can't imagine them moving it's a small world. It's not even an ordinary small dark ride. It's a massive show building with sets, animatronics, and a flume system. That's like moving Pirates of the Caribbean. I think the reporter might have made that up...

If they DO move it somehow or just rebuild the ride elsewhere, that'll definitely be a first for Universal and Disney!!! Six Flags has done it before where they moved a coaster to a new park.

I honestly would prefer to see a Frozen attraction in DisneySea though. Fits the theme so much better with Arrandale's part, and with the icyness of water not being represented in the park.

Very curious what else they'll add to their redone fantasyland and the rest of the parks (they kinda mentioned a lot is getting worked on).

One thing that makes me curious is if the reason they're closing Small World is to mimic Orlando's upcoming Frozen ride. Keep the Small Word building and layout and boat system, but change the scenes to elaborate Frozen scenes. That would make sense. But knowing Japan, it'll be more complicated than that!
I was certainly waiting for TDL to announce their Fantasyland upgrade, and not surprisingly it looks like they're doing it in the usual grand fashion.

It'll be fun seeing what's all officially announced, and if the concept art is correct then IASW's new location will be replacing Autopia. While it may seem crazy that IASW is being moved...the idea of it being removed compleately is even crazier.

As for wherever Frozen goes, all that matters to me is this. It's the Tokyo Disneyland Resort and the OLC/OTC, it's going to be impressive no matter where it is.
I'm very excited for this project.

The potential Arendale for DisneySea should be incredible (and fits the park), and in general I know 100% all the new additions to their Fantasyland will be phenomenal and make us drool, because it's Japan we're talking about...
Park Journey should be posting my photos in a few weeks if anyone is interested.

This is a phenomenal resort. Tokyo Disneyland is a bit outdated, but DisneySea is breathtaking - both inside and out.
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Very excited to see pictures! I legit feel like DisneySea should be registered as one of the new man-made wonders of the world. It's a masterpiece.

When you say TDL is a bit out dated, mind elaborating? Very curious. I always hear more trip report details about DisneySea than TDL from everyone. I've heard that some of it is very high tech, but a lot of other stuff is stuck in a 1980s-ish Magic Kingdom mode.
Surprised no one posted the news yet, so it looks like I'll call dibbs. OLC and TokyoDisney announced a new expansion for the parks.

1) A Beauty and the Beast dark ride which looks AMAZING. It also looks similar to the Empire of the Penguin vehicles developed by Oceaneering. 

2) A nice looking Fantasyland theater

3) Big Hero 6 whip ride

4) A highly-themed Soarin' in the Mediterranean section at DisneySea

Tokyo has a promising future ahead of 'em. AND BRING THAT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST RIDE OVER HERE!