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Top 10 Stories in 2023 from Universal Orlando

Great article as always--hopefully we see a Hollywood version of this article brought up with the happenings that occurred around the studio and the park.
Devastated by the park map news. I was in the park on 12/31 so picked 2 up but didn't know they'd be my last ones ever.

Although, funnily enough, I don't think USH has them anymore either and not sure I even noticed that on my last trip. :lmao:
As long as they avoid some sort of "Individual Attraction Express" system we should be fine... right?

Watch Universal sell souvenir park maps to drive increased revenue. Similar action to a few years back when they started to charge separately the lanyard and the pouch that it used to come with for free.
Yeah this one really got me heated lol. Buying a new lanyard has been a tradition for us every trip, and 2023 is the first time where I didn't do that.
At least WDW still has park maps. Universal out Chapeked Disney on the nickel & diming park maps. Coincidentally USH discontinued park maps under the same President who has now discontinued the Orlando maps.