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Touring tips needed please!


Jul 24, 2015
Hello everyone!

We are new to this forum, and wanted to ask for some tips/advice for an upcoming Sept. trip.

First question, is it better to go on the studio tour first since they just added the new and popular furious ending? Or is it better to do the other attractions first, and save the Studio Tour for later?

Are the lines for other rides usually long in Sept? Which rides have the longest lines?

Which are the best places to eat?

By the way, we will be purchasing front of the line passes.

Any other tips and advice would be much appreciated. My husband and I have been to USH but it was years ago. We will be traveling with our daughter who will be almost 9 and has been to USO but not USH.

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Chris Galindo

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Feb 22, 2015
^ If you're purchasing FOTL passes, definitely save Studio Tour for last. From past experience crowds are not bad at all in September, especially during the weekdays, if you're visiting before Labor Day definitely wait to do the Nighttime Studio Tour (hence saving it for last) but if you're visiting after then regardless, you'll have no problem getting on with a FOTL pass. Weekends in September do tend to get a bit packed with flocks of tourists coming in, and I suggest heading to the Lower Lot first and knocking those rides out. Transformers and Mummy are extremely popular and tend to get packed quick. From there head on up towards the Upper Lot again and ride Simpsons. From there you can do one of two options: Eat inside the park OR eat outside the park, CityWalk has a lot to offer. If you eat inside, I highly recommend Springfield, preferably Cletus' Chicken Shack. However their drinks are a one time fill only, so choose wisely. From there I suggest heading to Waterworld, (whether or not you've eaten outside or inside of the park) to relax for a bit before moving on to Despicable Me then head to Shrek 4D (optional) or catch another show (either Animal Actors or Special Effects Stage). You should be done by most of the park by now and can enjoy Studio Tour as your last ride of the day. Just my approach as it's what I do with friends visiting for the first time. Hope that helps! 


Apr 6, 2011
Hello. Welcome to USH Forums.

If you'll purchase front of the line passes, then you really needn't worry about the lines on any attraction. Do any attractions as you please.

If you want to eat inside the park, dine at any restaurant in Springfield since the food elsewhere in the park is mediocre. Springfield restaurants get very full right now because it is mid summer but hopefully by the time you'll visit the park in September the restaurants there won't be as full and you won't have to wait long for your food.

CityWalk has many food options, too.

There isn't any other advice I can give you. You'll have front of the line passes, you're pretty much good to go. So enjoy your visit when the time comes!
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Apr 8, 2013
Hill Valley California
If they plan to extended the "Night Time" Studio Tour to September, then it would be best to save the Studio Tour for last. The day time is practically the same only at night they add some pretty decent effects to the set pieces on the Tour.

During early September is the best to go if your worried about lines. Mid-September may go up in crowds a bit because of Halloween Horror Nights. people plan to enjoy the day in the park and stay for the HHN event at night. during the summer time I've seen Jurassic Park and Transformers hold the longest lines. but as a general rule most rides in the Lower Lot tend to hold the biggest lines.

best places to eat INSIDE the park are Springfield with their huge indoor dining or Jurassic Cafe. those are really the only big eating establishments in the park. unfortunately, you won't find any waiter service restaurants inside the park. best to eat in citywalk if you prefer.  I like Camacho's Cantina  or Saddle Ranch outside at City Walk just for their atmosphere.

As for Front of Lines just be aware that they're only good for a ONE TIME USE at each attraction, so no multiple cutting on the same ride.  Check the show schedule too during your visit. some of the shows offer behind the scenes for Front of Line pass holders only.

as for any other tips, if you can afford it try the VIP tour, I've done it once and I don't regret paying that much to do it. It really is a special experience and well worth every the food alone was worth the price of addmission.