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Transportation MCO to Resorts

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Jun 17, 2013
This will be my first trip ever where I start at Universal. There seems to be few options.

Ride share, of course. Any other suggestions? Solo trip.
Whenever I will be going to Orlando (And every time I go I do Universal), I always get an Uber or Lyft from MCO to wherever I'm staying at. There are three different levels at the pick-up and drop-off and usually the rideshare is always at the middle platform (If I remember correctly).

Other than good ol' Uber or Lyft, I don't really have any extra recommendations. My experience with rideshare from MCO has been pretty straightforward.
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Uber/Lyft is the way to go.

Used to use Mears in the pre-Instacart era (paid $5 for a grocery store stop), but they're much more expensive than Uber/Lyft now. Plus, I had one horrific experience with Mears a few years ago that soured my views on them.