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Universal Studios Hollywood Memorabilia Thread


Apr 29, 2020
Greetings, members! Allow me to introduce myself, I am TheCollector and have recently joined into this exciting community!

I have been a fan of Universal like many of you for an incredibly long time and well, over time, have started to cultivate an interest in the theme park's merchandise, particularly to that of Halloween Horror Nights. Upon joining, I noticed there aren't truly any threads for theme park memorabilia.

Thus, I'd like to open up the thread! Let this be a place for discussing and sharing merchandise, both old and new! I'll be sure to add photos of my collection so far and would surely hope you do the same.

Whether it be for revisiting special memories or seeing a piece for the first time, this has the potential to bring out our collections for all of us to see.

*I'm having a tad difficulty getting to post some photos of mine on here, hopefully I can get this resolved soon to share with you guys*
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