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USH Tribute Store? (Speculation)


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Dec 7, 2021
USH is currently seeking a Visual Merchandising Project Coordinator who, among other things, would, "Assist in all visual merchandising sets and seasonal strikes, which may require early mornings, split shifts, late night hours, and even weekends." I believe USH hasn't really had a Visual Merchandising team before now? Considering USH seems to be sticking with the seasonal store on CityWalk, and that a trademark has been filed by Universal for "Tribute Store," could it be possible they're looking to expand this seasonal offering to Hollywood? Would be sweet!

Edit: They're also searching for designers. Definitely looks like they're trying to build a team here. "Creates visual studies/mockups for internal and external stakeholders. Including but not limited to: 2D/3D concept rendering, façade design, technical package creation, in-store visual elements, window design, fixture design, store floorplans, in-store signage design, graphic design, photographs, asset management"


Here is the recent trademark:
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Jun 27, 2017
I hope so...we have the room for a store like it and would just be another reason to visit the park more

I know it's a lol, but I genuinely think the last thing we'd want with 2028LA on the horizon: is a repeat of the Hogsmeade situation.
I'm more joking, I think online and some GE people might have complaints but Kids and most fans will have a blast and people will come no matter if a few people didn't love it...people went to Galaxy Edge even before the big ride sure it will be fine