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Villain-Con Minion Blast (General Discussion)

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I think the facade of this “ride” is fine, it’s kind of tacky but it’s supposed to be a temporary convention so it makes sense. I also think it should stay an Orlando exclusive since the whole thing is that the convention is in Orlando in the movie.

I would prefer a more fleshed out area dedicated to this franchise but it is what it is. I still think that if you open another coaster elsewhere and tear down HRRR you could expand this area out better, add a second Minion Mayhem showroom to end the capacity nightmare. Maybe a dark ride with minions or another Illumination property. I don’t see the area expanding out into the stage, New York or Transformers so this might be the only shot at expansion if the new area is popular.
Nick you know that’s not the theme of DHS, it’s Sunset Blvd and classic Hollywood.
Yes, and my point is the props at the front of each park are different in very minor ways. The front of USF could have it's intended theme changed within a very short span because its such a loose "theme".
I’ve never heard of a complaint about Peter Pan’s facade area
Just to address this quickly, plenty of people have complained about it. The Renaissance faire "theme" in Fantasyland is disliked by many and it's been a topic of discussion on the internet since the dawn of forums. There's plenty of room to do something better there without impeding the walkway, too.

But now we're off topic and into whataboutism.
Me seeing pics yesterday but not online much: Cool! I can get a photo with Vector. I wasn’t expecting these, but works for the convention theme to get us excited about the villains.

Me catching up the forums: Oh, I guess I was supposed to hate it?
Right? Yeah, I was like, “oh, this is the in-universe version of a Fatheads standee” - they’re not supposed to be a live character or a 3D cutout, but I reckon some of these characters might be meetable later.

Incidentally, and this was something Podcast: The Ride (I think?) alluded to earlier in time, but this ride is actually written by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, the two guys who did Fist Fight, with Ice Cube and Charlie Day.
The Minions are so much more popular than people here give credit for. I was out to dinner in New Hampshire this past week, saw 3 families with kids wearing Minions merch on. It’s a money maker.
Yep. Our three's all Minions and Sponge Bob....and they constantly play board games themed to the Minions.
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Hard to say from just those images, but is it just me, or does this seem a bit smaller than the old Shrek shop? Either way, I'm into the Minions-as-Villains figures. The rest seems a bit barren.
Whoa, I didnt think this would open until the attraction did!
The DM gift shop opened a few weeks before the DM attraction, also. We just missed the opening by some weeks but were able to go to the gift shop. I remember the store TM commenting that business was much slower than they expected....But that all changed once the attraction actually opened.