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Volcano Bay Pricing, AP, & More

But but but...I thought it was going to be so expensive at 126 dollars a day.

Two, without getting into the argument about the lazy river. The Lazy river already has theming with it being the glow worm caves with the starry night sky. It wouldn't make sense for lava. For people complaining about lack of theming when they actually told you the theming, you can't really be like wow they should theme something.
Wow they completely screwed annual passholders. Unreal.

TBCF, I believe in the end; July will be packed in sardines in the park. And this will be a way to ensure that people get in. And if you want to, there will always be the Standard admission; which, as said; is insane on how inexpensive it is.
I'm willing to bet, opening day and the summer; will be jacked in seasonal pricing; but it is ridiculously cheap.
It's standard Orlando water park pricing. Of course, with VB having better slides, i'd easily put this at a more premium experience. They could easily get away with $75 if not more.
Ok so as of now my AP does not include VB. And as of this second there is not a price on if I wanted to upgrade my current AP to include the third park. But we are all assuming it'll be a metric ton. Sheesh.
I would assume, that tonight was just getting all of the standard information out of the way and then tomorrow, the blog & main website will cover all of the information on the Annual Passes.

This will include Upgrade charges, updates to the Premier Pass, and new passes altogether.

It's what I would assume, as it would make the most legitimate sense.