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Waits and Uptime Reports - Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

What is also interesting is that this attraction is often not posting any info at all on the app. It just comes up blank. Perhaps Uni is sensitive to people interpreting it’s meaning or they just wanted to clear the queue for the lengthy storms.

Now I am very curious whether it comes online tomorrow at all.
We were up there the past 3 days. The first two we had a late start. So with the ride going up and down periodically and weather every day it was posted over a 3 1/2 hour wait. We went in the queue each time to see where the line was. Each time it was filled to the point of Hagrid’s hut with plenty of switch backs. With two kids we always left since I never saw a train go by and they wouldn’t be able to handle the 100 degree feels like temp that long. The rest of the parks were very busy this weekend. Most main/good attractions had hour long waits.

So we decided to get up early today before the park opened and try. The last two days the attraction opened with the park. They let you in at least a half hour before park open and we were with a massive group at Seuss Landing. Before 9:00 they started announcing that Hagrid would not open on time today and will have a delay. We decided to wait, plus I picked up some Voodoo doughnut before getting in the park so the kids were good. Every team member was discouraging guest to stay telling us to leave and check the app. Some people were upset and arguing with them about the ride not operating. I felt sorry for them as they tried their best to appease everyone. They were good at it but no one was getting anything free. They had characters come out in the line and free water. After almost an hour they opened the ride. We were off the ride 15 min later. So we waited about 105 min. Everyone getting off was happy. Even the complainers that were around us. I don’t think they had many trains going and one wasn’t loading at all. The audio was broken/repeating something very loud.

So if you want to ride this for sure, right now, I would suggest getting in line 1st thing. You probably don’t even need to be there before opening, but definitely before 9:30 as the queue was getting longer at that point. It’s a great ride and even if it opens around noon you still waited 3 hours. Plus afternoon rain is going to be an issue through August.
How long are single rider waits when the ride opens? I plan on having my first ride be in the main queue, but squeezing in one or more extra rides would be nice before it gets super busy.
When I went to ride, the single riders que was not open. It depends on the day. I saw a video on the Tim Tracker channel that said single riders is uncomfortable because it has no A/C. It also may take a bit longer in single riders even though the opposite is true for most rides.
Ride is still saying “closed” but they dumped the queue by Sinbad and took down all the barriers for line control. Anyone know what’s happening today?
My cousin is there for Vaca and today's her first day and I asked how Hagrid's was and she said "Looks cool but its not doing anything right now" so Im assuming its not opened today or opening at all. Im trying to look at this thread so I can keep her posted! But this was truly a minute or two ago we were texting.
Today is my last day here, hoping it comes online later. Every time I’ve been in the queue I’ve struck out, all three days