WANTED: Back to the Future Photos


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Nov 8, 2011
Celebration, FL
It's been quite some time since I last posted in here, but in regards to this original post about acquiring photos for the project I was originally working on, that project was completed in 2015. It was for the book, Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History, which I co-wrote. There's an entire chapter dedicated to the creation and making of Back to the Future... The Ride, with some behind-the-scenes photos and opening day celebrations of the attraction.

I had hoped to have more pictures of the BTTF stores (from Hollywood and Florida), and other stuff from the days of when BTTF reigned supreme at Universal, but I wasn't able to get everything I wanted.

If anyone is interested in picking up a copy, you can purchase one from the official Back to the Future online store here: 'Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History' Hardcover book

If anyone still wants to upload or send me photos of BTTF The Ride, the shops, Doc Brown's chicken, the Special Effects show (USH), please do so. We're still thinking we might create a massive BTTF Universal theme park archive for the Back to the Future website somewhere down the road.
That's fantastic!! That book is phenomenal! Personally, I'd love to see an "Ultimate Visual History" book like that for the Universal theme parks.

I think I've posted this on the forum before (probably on OU), but here's me as a maybe 10/11/12-year-old when I volunteered as Marty for the Special Effects Stages (and I totally now just noticed that I scribbled "Me!" on the photo as a kid, haha):
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