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So while WB isn't allowing video shot on Knight Flight, there have been a couple reports giving their thoughts about it. Andrew Hyde did have this to say...

Now while Andrew said the small transition issues would only be noticeable by hardcore park fans, another person (Brent D) talked about his thoughts about Knight Flight and what he relayed doesn't sound like "small" transition issues.

Basically, Brent relayed that what prevents Knight Flight from being on par/better then FJ is the Kuka Arm goes into a neutral position between -every- scene. As he stated, it's the "RipRideRockit of darkrides". An for a high action darkride, flow/transitions are pretty important. So while overall it sounds like the ride is good, it's just missing the mark by a little.

Also, Andrew did also state that just like FJ, it can be argued that Knight Flight is not the best ride in the park as he felt the Justice League darkride is the best.
I just remembered that Universal has the theme park rights to Scooby-Doo in both Hollywood, and Orlando. So Universal could easily with make a deal with Warner Bros. to bring Scooby-Doo, and the Museum of Mysteries to Universal Studios Hollywood, and Orlando. Even if they add more classic villains for a more experience like a second portion of the ride.
I think @Chris or @Brian G. could say it better..but I don't think Universal has the theme park rights to make attractions with those characters? I could be very wrong, but I'd assume if they would do something Scooby-related, it'd be made with UC directly.
Because while the ride has the classic monsters, and villains like the Phantom Shadow, Redbeard’s Ghost, Elias Kingston, Spooky Space Kook, Captain Cutler, 10’000 volt ghost the second half could have other classic monsters, and villains like Miner 49er, the Ghost Clown, and the Tar Monster.
Sorry for the double post, but I think Warner Bros World missed the opportunity to include a Warner Bros backlot area, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Not really it only works if Universal has a theme park in the UAE. Plus the Warner Bros spectacular show has Harry Potter in it.

They had plans back in the day for Universal to be in Dubai, but that was during the GE/Vivendi period mostly.

Most likely, even if WB wanted too; UPR has an exclusivity cause that negates Warner Brothers from using the IP for their own branded parks that was established early on in the endeavor.

And that for the case of the Leavesden UK Tour, they are also attached to the WB London studio spaces; so like how Burbank has the opportunity to use the brand for showing off props and costumes, Leavesden has that also allowed.
Congratulations on them. If Universal & Warner Bros could make a deal to bring Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries to both Universal Studios Hollywood & Orlando which location would they fit easily unless you count Scooby-Doo replacing Barney. Warner Bros could also add it to Warner Parque Madrid to replace their current Scooby-Doo attraction.