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Web Slingers (DCA)


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Dec 7, 2009
Universal Exports
I'm with you on Eisner. I thought he was just really stupid, but after watching Defunctland's sub-plot of him I realize he was a very creative man who was trying to navigate a very stressful business in which, after losing his friend and partner-in-crime, tried to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world and ended up with more failures than successes.
More failures than successes... after a certain point. I think his 1984 - 1998 tenure is pretty unassailable from a 30,000-foot view. Sure, we can nitpick weird ideas and projects here and there, but we can do that with anybody leading a giant business.

Even the biggest "failure" of that era -- EuroDisney -- was a creative (if not commercial, at first) success.

1999 - 2005, however, is pretty indefensible (Tokyo DisneySea being the lone triumph, though we know that had more to do with OLC letting Imagineering basically do whatever they wanted).