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What Games Are You Playing?

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Bought Nightingale the other day then got sick sigh feeling better todsay so may finish the tutorial and jump into the main game
Started and probably gonna finish Paw Patrol World this weekend. I know it's a kids game but it's easy achievements for for Xbox lol.
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Finished up The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.

After thoroughly enjoying The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures, I quickly jumped onto the second game to see where it all goes. And this game took me on quite a ride, that's for damn sure!

It was pretty evident that both games were thoroughly planned out together, as both games interwove a pretty great overarching story. Things that were left hanging in the first were picked up and answered in the second, and it all culminated in a stunning grand finale that for me stuck the landing quite well! Throughout the game, it gave me chills abound with one reveal, revelation and payoff after another, massive props to the writing team on this one.

All in all, I loved this one. And since it stuck the landing, I can firmly place The Great Ace Attorney duology/Chronicles in the upper echelon of my personal rankings of the Ace Attorney series. Right up there with Trials and Tribulations, and Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Now I will say that between the two games, TGAA 2: Resolve is overall stronger than Adventures. However, you really can't have one without the other as Adventures sets up all the big payoffs in Resolve. So for some the series can start off slow, but it's absolutely worth seeing to the end.
In preparation for the new Fallout series on Amazon Prime I'm playing Fallout 3 right now. Already bought New Vegas as well, very excited for the show!

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Been playing Prince of Persia The Lost Crown for about a week now off and on. The more it opens up the more I’m enjoying it. I also started playing the original Doom since it’s included in Doom Eternal along with the second game. Very fun in a retro way :)
Alone in the Dark had so much potential, but the execution is pretty poor. The game feels like a mish-mash of elements from different games (Resident Evil 2, Call of Cthulhu, Resident Evil: Biohazard, Layers of Fear, Evil Within, Alan Wake). Heck it even feels a bit like the film A Cure For Wellness. The story is intriguing but convoluted and messy, the gameplay is weak (the gameplay mechanics are not good. The action/shooter parts flat-out suck and are frustrating. The monsters are more annoying than scary), and the game teases you with the illusion of choice. David Harbour is great (though his private eye is one of the worst I’ve seen), the environments are gorgeous, and the atmosphere is pretty well-done. That said, this was a pretty disappointing experience overall. Far from one of the worst games I’ve played, but still can’t recommend. It’s like playing through a bad B-Movie.

2.5 Stars
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So I finished RE Village VR Mode (finished that in about January) and wow is that the ultimate way to experience that game for sure. That was just so intense and a joy to play-through. First game i've completed that I have no trophies for as well lol. Horror games work so damn well in VR. MADiSON VR is the next game I have on tap for the VR space. I heard the flatscreen version was great so i'm looking forward to the VR version.

Most recently finished Resident Evil 2 (a full run of the game once with Leon and a 2nd run with Claire). I enjoyed playing as both Leon and Claire in RE2, but didn't feel like it was totally worth the time invested to do the 2nd run. For the most part, it was the same game, just slight story differences or some different gameplay segments here and there. Both ways of playing were fun though and both characters I had fun playing as.

I'm currently about 40% through RE3 - seems like a short game based on how quickly i've gotten to 40%. I also have the remake of RE4 to play after but I think I need a break from Resident Evil games for a bit (plus i've played RE4 already so i'm in no rush). Speaking of Resident Evil though I hope the next Remake they do is of the original game. I've never played the original and eventually will play it one way or another (possibly the directors cut remastered for modern systems), but I feel like it'd be weird to remake all of these other RE games, but not remake the original.
One challenge away from fully completing Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. The later I got into the game the more I enjoyed it. I initially got this game because I saw many favorable comparisons to Metroid Dread but in the end I enjoyed that game far more. That’s not a knock on PoP, Metroid just happens to be my #1 favorite game series. Great environments (my personal favorite being the Catacombs), great challenges, and a decent story to boot. Boss fights were cool and challenging though strangely enough I beat the last two on my first try lol. This was my first real foray into non-Metroid Metroidvania and I was very pleased with it. It’s already on sale but I don’t regret spending the full $50 to buy it when I did. The team deserves it especially as they’re the same people that gave us Rayman Origins and Legends. I guess next up at some point in the future I’ll have to get Hollow Knight and Ori but first once I finish this last bit of PoP I’ll be moving on to Crash Bandicoot 4. I need to clear out my backlog lol
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Replaying Spider-Man (the Remastered version this time) because I still have yet to play Spider-Man 2. Mostly just doing main story and skipping most side stuff to play the story.

Question: does the stuff from The City That Never Sleeps play into the sequel at all?