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Wizarding World Questions!!!


Mar 9, 2018
Quick couple of question? Me and my boy who is 6 are visiting the Universal Parks on both East & West coasts this year. We normally just do Florida been from the UK but this year is a treat and were doing Cali as well. My son is becoming a real Harry Potter fan and is desperate to get his hands on a wand. If I bought him a wand out in Hollywood would the interactive elements work with the wand in Wizarding World back in Orlando? If not I may wait till later in the year but don’t want an upset little boy.

Also he is too small for the Forbidden Journey which we are both a bit gutted about however is it possible to just do the queue and duck out before the ride as I know he would love the queue or even better I know they do a rider swap but as a single dad can he stay in the rider swap area without me whist I ride (I know bad dad!!!!!!)

Thanks in advance


Aug 24, 2010
Couple answers for you:
  • The wands will work at both parks - Hollywood and Florida. Feel free to get it at the first park you visit and pack it for the later portion of the trip.
  • I think they shut-down the castle tour option for the Florida version of HP in order to have a express line. Not sure they will let you bring the kid through if they don;t make the height anymore.
  • You need to leave an adult in the rider swap area.


Feb 19, 2018
You can definitely do the FJ queue and duck out. As far as the wand question, no idea but would assume yes. However wands aren't that expensive anyway. The kid swap? Again, no idea. Make friends in line.
This is in reference to Orlando.
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Feb 17, 2016
Los Angeles
Confirming wands work in both Hollywood and Orlando. And you can wait in line (they call it the "castle tour" and then opt out of riding at the end. There is a parent swap, but not sure how it works for single parents. Inquire at the gate, they'll be more than happy to answer your questions there.
Jul 30, 2016
Will the Hogsmeade wand maps (location points) be the same / different?
They are different. Hogsmeade in Orlando has only 9 spell locations vs. the 11 (soon to be 13) in Hollywood. There is some overlap, but not much. The layout of the lands are different as well, so even though a given spell is the same, it may be in a different geographic location in the village. The wand shops always have a ton of extra maps, though, so there shouldn't be a problem in procuring a new one.
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