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  1. J

    What's Happening Next To Waterworld?

    What's going on behind the construction walls next to Waterworld?
  2. J

    Advice for 1-Day Trip

    Hi all! So the boyfriend and I are going for the first time this weekend and wanted to get advice on a few things, namely: What are must-sees? What should be skipped? Should we hit the Lower Lot or Upper Lot first? Are the shows worth seeing? What time of day is best to hit the Tram Tour? Thanks!
  3. Freak

    HHN Hollywood Speculation/News - 2015

    Now that 2014 is over, we can now speculate and discuss for next year's event. :P Wishful thinking: -I would say no more Walking Dead, but that's not going to happen. AMC is advertising their season six premiere at LA for 2015. If it does return, PLEASE do not make it the Terror Tram...
  4. CowMissing

    HHN - The Asylum Maze (2006)

    The Making of: The Asylum Maze Universal Halloween Horror Nights: INSIDE: The Asylum Maze - Halloween Horror Nights (2006): The Asylum Maze - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood: